Sep 2, 2012


So we are nearing the date of Hubby's surgery. I will admit that I am more than worried. Hubby said to me this morning that he was scared. I said I was to and I didn't want him to leave me.
I am trying to be as positive as I can, but it's human nature to also have those doubts creep in and settle in ones mind. I mean every time we do something I think "Could this be the last time we do this?". "Is this our last Sunday drive?". "Is this his last Fathers day?".  "Is this the last time we kiss on this beach?"...
I know I should try to stay positive, but sometimes the bad thoughts overcome me and I feel overwhelmed.  And more than a little scared.
It's like we are both trying to make an effort to do as much as we can. We haven't said so out loud, but it's what we are doing.
It's a scary feeling. Thinking that the one you love could be taken from you too soon. I know that one day, eventually, I will loose him to this disease, but I don't want it to be from complications arising from surgery.

It's just too soon.


  1. It's natural to be afraid.

    I really hope he comes out of it okay. You & Hubby are in my thoughts & prayers.

  2. Good wishes to you both.

    My Dad had many heart attacks and surgeries in the days when those surgeries were quite primitive. One good thing to focus on is how far they have come in perfecting these procedures and how much better the repairs are.

  3. "One day at a time." One moment at a time if needed. Thinking of you Sprite.

  4. That's very deep Sprite...and very understandable, your feelings. Unfortunately, worrying won't change anything, but your mood! Enjoy every day as if it were your last. That's just a good way to live any way!...My husband ad I share a spiritual hope for the future. You'd be amazed how comforting that is during rough times.

  5. Oh my LittleSprite.......continue to do all the things, as many as you can, not just in case but to create as many memories for you and yours to share in the years to come! It's okay to worry but it takes up a lot of energy. Try to exchange worry with kisses and hugs and long walks along the beach.
    Thanks for sharing such a personal story. Big hugs to you all. xo

  6. @Elisabeth They will be:)
    @Vinny thank you.
    @Laoch there is that. He is going to the best Heart Hospital in this state.
    @Poetess We do to :)
    @Carole I know, thank you.

  7. @Dbs You are right, and thank you :)

  8. Sending hugs and positive thoughts that things go well for you and hubby.

  9. Hang in there, Sprite. And I wish your husband all the best and safe tidings in the world. He's so lucky to have a wife and son who love him so dearly by his side through all this.


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