Aug 23, 2012

The Naming of Cats...

The naming of Cats is a difficult matter.
It isn’t just one of your holiday games
You may think at first I’m as mad as a Hatter
When I tell you a cat must have three different names.

Do you know this poem by T.S.Eliot? I do.  Even though it was some years ago (Hey I’m not going to get into just how many years ago it was) lest just say it was some.
Anyway...some years ago, when I was doing high school (year 11 and 12) our speech and drama class entered the Estedford.
The Estedford was/is an annual performing arts competition. School groups enter, individuals enter... it is an open competition, and you are put into categories based on what you are performing and age group. They had a variety of things to do such as poetry reading, a group performance, piano, violin, singing..etc.
Our class won both years that we performed. For our year 12 act our teacher chose “The Naming of Cats”. We practiced for weeks until the big night. Costumes were easy. Yes we dressed up as cats. I remember the costume I made was black leggings and black top with fake fur attached to my ankles and wrists. I also attached a couple of cute black ears to a headband. I did my makeup myself to, and the overall affect was quite awesome. I remember the professional makeup artist who had come in to do some cat faces was quite impressed with my efforts.
Anyway we had the best night, made all the more special because we won our category and our other year 12 class won theirs. Later, to celebrate we walked stalked the city streets.. in full cat costume! I remember that night fondly. A bunch of rowdy, happy teenage cats with not a care in the world.

Oh and this post was inspired by The Chubby Chatterbox!


  1. Sounds like a fan-"cat"-tastic night! LOL

  2. I will ask my cats today what they want their new names to be.

  3. fun memories! any photos of that night?

  4. A fun post. I can picture you in your costume, celebrating and stalking through the street in celebration.

  5. @Poetess it was!
    @Laoch awesome. But they wont tell you the third.
    @Sherilin I do but I have no idea where they are. It was back before digital
    @Stephen thank you for reminding me of that night with your post :)

  6. @Carole I wish I knew! They are packed in a box somewhere.... I'm not even sure if I still have them :(

  7. This made me a teen again for a few minutes. Thanks.

  8. @dbs no worries :) It gave me fond memories to.


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