Mar 3, 2011


I started out writing about how it’s my birthday on Saturday, and how it makes me feel a bit sad and how dumb my siblings are and how much I miss my parents. Blah blah blah...
But you know what?
I’m over it!
Over having them make me feel like crap.
Over being depressed about getting older.
Yeah I still miss my folks but it’s not a big thing.
So you won’t be reading any sookie la la posts from me!
Hubby and son are off to Karate tonight where they will be taught buy a special visitor from Japan. A sensei who is an eighth Dan black belt. It’s super cool. They have a session with him tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday morning. (Yes the morning of my birthday but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity). Our son is a little nervous. Apparently this old dude speaks very little English and you aren’t allowed to speak to him anyway. Unless spoken to. I know, that because it is such a big deal, my son will take note of everything this guy says and teaches.
I’ve been working on a picture for the tags I’m going to put on my things we sell at the markets. It’s a cat that I made to look like Moby. It’s taken me quite a while to get it to this point and I still don’t know if I am happy with it. It will only be small so whatever I do on it, it needs to be clear. This is it so far. What do you think?
It will be much smaller than this, but you have to work big for it to look good small scale.

It’s time to harvest some of our pumpkins and so far the ones we have got have been huge. We have two and gave another one to the neighbours for looking after Moby while we were on holidays.
Apparently Moby is quite loved by the neighbours. On both sides of our house. When we leave on our trip around Australia we are going to have to give Moby away. I am sure the neighbours will take him. I’m not going to give my furbaby to just anyone. We may just give him to them to look after until we return, I’m not sure yet.
So just now I received in the mail a birthday present from my parents and also one from a lady who we used to live next to who I love like a grandmother. She sent me this beautiful book mark that just made me cry.

Isn't it beautiful? *sniff!*

And then...
My parents rang me to tell me that they will be HERE TOMORROW! WOO! So HERE for my BIRTHDAY!! I’m SO HAPPY!

(*does happy dance*)


  1. Love the cat! Would love to go to Australia one of these days. I have family over there and all the pictures they have sent are of this absolutely breathtaking scenery.

  2. sad to have to give your cat away! will they give him back when you return?
    how awesome that your parents will be there! i try to pretend that my birthday's no big deal now, but i still wish it was.

  3. I like your cat tag. It's super cute. :) And yay for awesome birthday surprises!! Happy birthday!

  4. Happy early Birthday Sprite, what a wonderful surprise that your parents are coming. That's such a great gift.

    I'll be back here on Saturday to wish you proper wishes ON your actual birthday.

    The bookmark is so thoughtful.

    Wow. You have a real Sensei. Cool.

    Like the Moby tag, when I see the reduced version noticed that hind-paws are "missing". Don't know if you can still add them.

    Speaking of Moby, you're not really thinking of giving him up? Sprite. He's part of your awesome family.

    Hope you and your awesome family have an awesome day! (What are you painting?)

  5. @Loach Thankyou!
    @Leslie HI! And you should come over, you will love it!
    @Sherilin I dont know about my kitty, I dont even want to think about it at the moment. :(
    @Sunny Thanks! I love it to!
    @Ant Thankyou! Yes it is, I cant wait to see them. The hind paws are under him, he IS a fat cat so he is sitting on
    Like I said to Sherilin I dont know what I'm going to do with him. I have been burying myhead in the sand on that issue, I dont want to give him away. The neighbour next door would take him. I dont want to give him away, but there is no way he could come with us. :(
    I'll just have to see what happens.
    Painting is for my son. He wanted me to do "Space", so I'm doing the sun in one corner with a couple of planets around it.

  6. I want to give your cat tag a little squeeze and an cheek pinch it's so cute!
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear littlesprite,
    Happy Birthday to you!

  7. Woooo!! Do the happy dance!!!
    Point 1 - love the cat
    Point 2 - the bookmark is beautiful
    Point 3 - Happy Birthday in case I can't get online Saturday. I have alllllll the homework!
    Have fun!

  8. Nice. I've done a few of those. Keep in mind that your son will point out that there are now 8, not nine.

  9. @Carol.. lol! thats so cute!
    @Ruth, thankyou! Homework? BLECK!!!
    @dbs Thanks Homie
    @Ant Oh yes he knows all about it. Even told his teacher this pluto wasnt a planet any more when she insisted it

  10. That guy from Japan sounds intense. And I love the phrase sookie la la. That's one I'll try to mix in with my Yankee vocabulary. :)

  11. Happy Birthday, Sprite! The bookmark is nice. As a favor, I promise not to sing. Trust me. That a present if ever there was any.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sprite.

    Hope that you have a great day celebrating and that your wishes come true.

    Thought I saw something fluttering by, could just be my imagination.

  13. I think I know what AC's talking about. I might have seen it too.

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  15. Have a great Birthday. I love bookmarks and that one would be as beautiful to read as the book it will live in.

  16. @Paul He was intense. Yep I love the phrase to.
    @Vinny Thankyou! Aww.. you can sing if you want, can't be worse than Hubby.
    @Ant thankyou for being so thoughtful. (fairy hugs)
    @Nari Thankyou! Thanks for visiting :)

  17. It is Saturday (well, in the U.S., anyway. I'm not sure about Australia. I can NEVER get that whole International Date Line thing down).
    In any case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  18. Sprite, there are two more links that are waiting for your appearance...:)

  19. @Al lol.. Thankyou!
    @Ant I got you, dbs, Vinny and Paul.. Is that it? I don't want to miss anyone out...

  20. Laoch. The poor guy has been waiting since Friday. "Random Friday thoughts", I think.

  21. OMG! OH NO! I'm on it!!!

  22. Belated Happy Birthday. After reading of your day and award via Antares Cryptos, I needed to leave my regards.


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