Feb 28, 2011

Lunch with the Sibs.

So yesterday I met up with my brother and sisters for lunch. It was a very rare get together that hasn’t happened since my wedding back in March 2009. At the lunch were myself, Hubby and our son. My little sister (who organised it all), her boyfriend and my big brother. Also my older sister, her hubby, twin daughters and son.  Firstly, we asked my sister not to book somewhere too expensive, because we don’t have much money at the moment.
So we go to this expensive place called “The Breakfast Creek Hotel”.  Which, although annoying and more so that it was my snobby older sister who wanted to go there (apparently they go there ALL the time), we actually didn’t spend too much. My son and I got kids meals and it was great. But yes, my request was ignored.
My older sister talked to me like I was some village idiot when I was telling her about our sons distance schooling.  Like she knew it all and I was, stupid. I was pissed but not surprised. She actually thinks it’s a great idea though.
My Brother is looking so much like my Dad. It’s funny. He and my Hubby got on well. Talking about cars, doing up cars, doing up our bus, and the proper solar thingies you need to put in it.
The Bitchy twins did not even talk to me, or hubby, or even my brother and my sister’s boyfriend. Snobby little so-and-so’s. They sat there texting on their iphones and talked to my sister who is “their FAVOURITE Aunty”. Oh and they left early. PPFT! Is all I can say.
My sister’s boyfriend doesn’t really talk much, and when he does he is really quite. He seemed nice enough. My sister is pretty smitten with him.
So I found out my older sister knew all about what I went through with the IVF and my eye and Hubby‘s health and just couldn’t be bothered to at least call me to see how I was.  Nice.
This is what really shocked us.... Talking to my older sisters son, who is only 7, we found out that his parents let him play 15+ rated video games and even online! We couldn’t believe it. He plays the same violent, graphic war games that my Hubby and brother-in-law play. We don’t even let our son WATCH these games let alone play them. And it was so apparent in his talking to. He was going on about shooting this one guy in the head and stabbing this other guy in the guts, and shooting civilians! One time, we were looking at a fake cows head on the wall of the hotel and he says “Yeah I killed that cow, I got a chainsaw and chopped its head off and then ate its ribs”. Does anyone else find this disturbing? I was beyond horrified. 7 years old. That kid is going to have problems. He was also running round the hotel unsupervised (where there are signs clearly stating not to let your kids do so), and it was so busy.  I am sure he has ADD or something, and I don’t think his parents realise how much of a problem he is going to be. And it’s going to be very soon.
My son was brilliant. He sat there the whole time even though it was really hot. I was so proud of him. My little Man :)
We did some photos at the end. I felt a little left out when all the females got up for a photo and I wasn’t invited. Guess I don’t fit into their tall, skinny and blonde mould. What do I care though? I really don’t anymore.
So all in all it was not too drama filled. A little eyebrow raising, but no drama. LOL.


  1. Breakfast Creek Hotel? on the river? I thought it flooded.ahh what do I know down here in NSW? lol
    That sucks that you were ignored. And the twins...how rude. I had a similar experience when meeting a friend after 30 years she was great but her girls,same thing, texting and talking in sign language (they are not deaf) and ignoring my daughter who was only a year older than the eldest.The 7 yr old and his attitude to gore...ohmy.. there is trouble brewing there because of the desensitising.
    Im not really close to my sisters either, but the differences are noticable,like yours.
    I hope for better with my own 3 but they are all so different that I fear it will be the same.
    your little boys sounds brilliant, I'm sure it was still good for him to meet his aunts,uncles and cousins even if it means crossing them off his xmas list lol

  2. @IWBY HEY! A fellow Aussie! Yeah Brekky Creek was flooded but only about knee high, so not as bad :)
    I totally agree, it is desinsitising, and I think it's wrong to do that to your kids.
    Your kids will be fine, they just have to keep up the communication. And get together for family things :)
    THanks for visiting :)

  3. Glad it wasn't too dramatic for you!
    For god's sakes - 7 years old and playing MA15+ games?! What does your sister think ratings are for? (Ratings come up so much in media classes). They're not there to denote 'coolness' ugh. That is really disturbing to hear a seven year old talk like that - when I was little, all my older cousins wouldn't let me play anything more violent than Mario Carts or Super Smash Brothers! Which are still cool games.

  4. @Ruth I agree, Mario Cart is still way cool.. :)

  5. Sorry about all of this. That's sad when fam isn't supportive or thoughtful... well, at least you're teaching your son differently.

  6. First, let me say that if they really wanted to go to the place where the expensive meals were, they shouldn't have ignored your request. What they should have done is offer to pay! We've done that when there was definitely somewhere we wanted to eat and we knew it would cost too much for those going with us...Next, it's funny how your posts always seem to be running parallel with mine! :-)) {You'll see what I mean if you read my post for today}...Lastly, I know what I'm about to say is not the most popular thing to say, and it is just MY opinion, but I think parents that don't want their kids to watch violence shouldn't watch it themselves. kids learn by their parent's example. And if you tell them something isn't good for them, why then is it good for you?! The Bible has an expression: "Be babes as to badness". I don't have children, but I still don't watch overly violent or sexual things on T.V. I don't want to get questioned by the nieces or nephews, or have my brain less than child-like in this respect. It helps me keep a calm state. I need it for my poetry...and for talking my head off!!! LOL {No disrespecrt intended. This is just one Wug's opinion. Everybody is entitled to their own. :-)}

  7. Well that's great that your little man was so well behaved, and you had a decent time.

    I'm sorry your siblings kind of snubbed you. I don't know why that is, but it's mostly the same with my sisters. I guess when we grow up and get out on our own forming our own opinions things change.

    Your older sister certainly IS going to have her hands full in a few years. The saying goes you reap what you sow, right?

  8. Families, families, families......you gotta love them or hate them or wish you were adopted!

  9. The beautiful thing about living six hours away from one side of the family and three hours from the other is that we live six hours away from one side and three hours away from the other! ;-)
    So, we don't get together a whole lot. I love my family to death, but I'm pretty happy being stuck in the middle, geographically-speaking. Meaning, if there's any drama to be had, it's relatively quick and painless.
    In short, there's a whole lotta nuts in our family tree!

  10. A 7 year old, playing that?!? Talk about desensitizing them to violence. I play, but I have noticed in the last few years that games are getting hyperviolent. I won't even play those, but it makes me cringe when I hear young ones talk about headshots and dismemberment.

    Your son is a reflection of your and hubby's parenting. Good job, Sprite! :)

    Your sibs, whatever ;) Bet they can't crochet, paint, make, craft, write poetry........

  11. @Paul, that's what my Mum said when I told her about the lunch. I agree.
    @Poetess well I agree to a certain extent. We don't wrap our boy in cotton woll but we certainly dont allow him to watch anything violent, or sexual. There will be a time for it but that time is not now. I am glad to hear your opinions, no offence taken, as I consider you a friend :) (hug)
    @Sunny Yes I was so proud of him.
    @Carol I agree! LOL!
    @AL LOL! I was up the other end of the state and they STILL involved me in their dramas. Unbeknowest to me at the time. :)
    @Ant I know right? I think it's wrong. Thankyou for the compliments. Oh, my older sister does crochet, perhaps the only thing we have in common these days. I felt we connected for all of two minutes lol..

  12. Don't worry about this sprite. Enjoy your husband and your family. And your internet peeps too.

  13. My heart goes out to you...I give you credit for even going!
    What is that quote, something like we can pick our friends but we can't pick our family? Does anyone know the quote? Thank goodness for our hand-picked friends!

  14. @dbs It got to me a little, but thanks to my little family and my internet hommies I'm ok. :)
    @Caren, thankyou. Yeah it's "you can chose your friends but you can't chose your family" LOL! SO true!

  15. Speaking of,...let's go bug uncle dbs.
    *stumbles away*. What? Ants can't flutter, you know? Too many feet.

  16. Here. I'll carry you.. OOPH! What have you been eating?

  17. LOL! Better not be dbs' Ice Cream!

  18. Sigh. No, he ate it all by himself.

  19. aww.. *sad face*
    We make home made ice cream (lactose free) It's very good.


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