Feb 22, 2011

NOT Wikipedia, though JUST as reliable! (honest!)

SO I was fluttering round my stats just now and had a look at the search keywords.
Apparently people got my page when they searched for these following things.
* Powerade Powder
* Tamiasphobia
* Worms in children
Hmm... OK well I really hope these people weren’t dumb enough to take my words seriously. Cause I don’t think they would have liked what they found.
Powerade Powder, refers to when I made the random remark of an ant eating my powdered sports drink, and if it was now back in its little hole, energetically teaching other ants to Zumba.
Tamiasphobia, well, that one may have been of help. Who else knows that it’s the fear of Chipmunks? Not Wikipedia. I was actually talking about the booming chipmunk voices I heard one night when they played a movie in the park down the road. I was standing at my fridge thinking...”I hear chipmunks!”
As for WORMS in children?  Well. If they came to my page after googling THAT? This is what they would have found..

*evil snigger*


  1. I love looking at the keywords. My main one is "people exhaust me." Makes we wonder about humanity. I'm glad to know the proper name for a fear of chipmunks though. That's one to impress my friends with. :)

  2. *Teehee*...Well at least you were more helpful than Wikepedia on one word,........even if you sent mothers and little children screaming on another word!! ^_^

  3. lol... my search words are always the most random things. Most of them in foreign languages. I don't even know how Google sends them my page as a search result looking for something in a completely different language!

    I do have some articles about psychological disorders though (I dabble in psychology) and those always turn up in interesting searches. lol

  4. Sigh... All my stats say in "Random Aches". I'm afraid I wasn't very helpful to whoever was doing the search.

  5. I have had few search results, but the last one I had was "dream about missed phone calls." I wonder what they thought when they read what I wrote. Cause it had absolutely nothing to do with dreaming about missing a phone call. lol

  6. Hilarious!!! Yeah, some of the keywords are funny...and some are seriously gross. Ugh.

  7. I did not eat your powdered drink or bring it to my hive queen.

    Lol. Worms in children, how would they know?

    I write posts with search words in mind, weird stuff still finds me.

  8. Now I'm curious how that works...never have checked mine. *scurries off to try and find out*

  9. bahahahaha! God, worms in children. heheheh.
    Mine come from Facebook apparently, which makes sense seeing as I used to post links there whenever I made a new post.

  10. @Paul, impress away!

    @Poetess, that's what I thought..lol

    @Sunny, that would be interesting!

    @Vinny I cant say it helped me either..lol

    @Hannah bet they were dissapointed then :)

    @FriskyV Yeh I know!

    @Ant are you sure? I don't know about the worms. GOt a flashlight maybe? Eww gross!

    @Chocolate Angel LOL! and hey I AM reading your posts, but it wont let me comment for some reason, I will keep trying!

    @Ruth I know!


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