Feb 25, 2011

Playdates, New Paints and other stuff.

Hubby is on a playdate tonight. NO, not with a playboy bunny (I would kick his ass if he was). He is at his Brother-in-laws place playing xbox. I really don't mind the boys getting together on Friday nights to let off a bit of steam and have a boys night. After the week my broIL had, he deserves it. All I can say is that he works for the RAAF and co-ordinated the flights of supplies, troops, machinery etc going overseas, and more recently, to all the disaster area of Australia. And recently New Zealand who is suffering after the shocking earthquake. So needless to say he has been working since the beginning of the year. Floods, Fires, Cyclones and Earthquakes. Australia (and our little cousin New Zealand) has seen it all.
As for my bitch of a sister-in-law (you know the one, the Drama Queen), she thinks the boys playing xbox is all just stupid and she sits there and bugs them and gets all shitty if they don't talk to her. Me? I leave them alone. Only time I bug them is when I make the BroIL a coffee from my super-duper coffee machine, and stuff him with his favourite coconut macaroons. (which only I make for him, cause his wife is a big nasty meanie..lol)
Anyway. I am home alone. Well, our son is upstairs sleeping, but that doesn't count...
I am home alone.....
AND enjoying a bottle of Cab-Sav :) *hic!*
I have just completed two days of gruelling home tutor seminars. Well, by gruelling I mean sitting around in the air conditioning, with coffee and bickies and stuff. While us home tutors were in our meetings, our kids were having a kind of mini-school. It was great. My son got to meet his teacher (who he previously had only heard on the phone and computor and seen in a little video she makes after he finishes each unit of work). He also got to meet the other students in his class, he had only heard in their phone group sessions. They did all kinds of activities and fun things. I got a lot of great tips on being a good home tutor. It was a great two days.
On the way home from it yesterday, I took a wrong turn and found the biggest Art supply shop. So I was determined to go back today after the mini-school was over. It's called "The Art Shed" and they primarily sell Mont Marte products, but it was a very cool art shop. They were a little unorganised today because they were still re-stocking their shelves because they went totally under water in the floods! Well I am excited because I picked up some NEW PAINTS! I am itching to try them out. They are a bit glossier than what I normally work with, but they are essentially the same colours as my acrylics I normally use. I also got some more water pens. These are fantastic to use with watercolour pencils.

I have a new crochet project. It involves one ugly white hat and these cuties:
I will be making more and Yes I am taking progress pics. You will definitely see the end result.
Tomorrow my hubby's dad is coming over to help us tidy up the yard, and we will be picking some, if not all of the pumpkins. Remember there are 8 of them! Apparently they can last up to six months after you pick them, as long as you don't cut them! We are going to give a few away though, because they are gigantic and since the floods, pumpkins have been really expensive to buy. Anyway, I'll be glad to get rid of that damned pumpkin vine! Its taken over everything. Come to think of it, I haven't seen our horrid neighbour from over the back for a while.....

On Sunday I will be seeing my little sister. I haven't seen her for quite a while. I will also be meeting her boyfriend and seeing my big Brother who I haven't seen since my wedding in 2009! I think maybe my big sister and her family will be there to. Which I am kind of nervous about because I really don't get on all that well with them and Hubby is disgusted at the way they have treated us. And my Hubby is not one to restrain himself. He will for me though. Oh he'll let it rip if I do, that's for sure..lol. But I'm not predicting any problems, unless one of her bitchy little twins says something horrid to my son. Then its ALL ON!! Or if they are rude to me or Hubby.
My husband is not someone people instantly warm to. He can come off as opinionated and loud and rude. And sometimes he is. But what people don't know is that he comes off that way because the heart attack he had ruined his short term memory, so he has to say what comes into his head instantly, or else he forgets it. So he might blurt out things, or cut you off when you are talking, or seem like he's not listening to you. But he can't help it., and he doesn't know he is doing it. And I notice people get annoyed at him. He is also partly deaf, hence the loudness. But once you get to know him, you would know he would give you the shirt off his back for you and has a (albeit dying) heart of gold.
Well I wasn't going for a tribute to my Husband for the end of this post (I think I'm frisky) but it seems like a nice way to leave it. I've had wine and now I am rambling and you have probably died of boredom. Your family will find you later with an impression of keys on your forehead.

Sorry for that :)


  1. It appears that flower making is not your only talent! :-) You're an artist and talker too!!...I'm with you on 2 out of the 3, but that artist and paint thing?! You're on your own!...Enjoy your time alone. Maybe you can 'paint the town red'! :-)

  2. That's awesome about the home tutor stuff. I like that we are looking for alternative schooling methods for kids who wouldn't do well in public school, and whose parents may not have the time/know how to make up a curriculum. This program sounds super cool.

  3. I think that home-tutor program sounds really interesting. How does that work?

  4. kudos to you for doing a non-traditional type of schooling for your boy.
    and for the record, you sounded a bit tipsy in this one, but it's funny! i think maybe i need some alcohol.

  5. Hubbies need play dates just as wives need girlfriends! and spa days! and new shoes! Too bad about the sis-in-law.
    We enjoyed 18 yrs of schooling our daughters at home. It wasn't always easy but I look at them all now tying their own shoes, making their own play dates, and not asking me for money and I know it was all worth it! ha ha! No really, I am thankful we could do it and they turned out so well.

  6. Excellent! Hubby is kicking some pixelated a...
    PAINTSTORE, I "wander" into those myself, I think they find me. Can't wait to see what other awesome stuff you'll be painting and crafting and crochetingtingting.

    Love waterbrushes, you can mix in some sepia watercolor into one of them, gives you a nice ready to go wash.

    How does that saying go? You love them for their "flaws", not despite them.

    Tipsy writing, huh?!:)

  7. @Poetess Well I wouldnt call myself an artist, put I do like to paint every now and then. I just had a project pop into me head to. A watercolour one.
    @Paul I don't think children can be home schooled in Australia unless they are regtistered with a school and follow the curriculum. It's more "Distance Ed".
    @Alice, we enrolled our son with a proper Distance Ed school. They follow the same curriculum as kids do in mainstream schools. They have a teacher, whom they send their work back to after each unit is finished. (Two weeks work). He speaks to his teacher once a week on the computor, and they do a group class the same way. It's really good and he is thriving and doing so well.
    @Sherilin I think I was, I looked at the post in the morning and thought, "Wow, I rambled on a bit didn't I?"
    @Carol I agree, it has been great so far.
    @Ant It was the coolest store. I spent only $50 but I could have spent more! Yeah the water brush is very cool. Good idea about loading the paint into the brush.
    Yeah, kinda tipsy :)

  8. Oh, really. Here in the states parents can home school their kids, and when they are 18 they take the GRE (basically a high school equivilancy test).

  9. @Paul, yeah they are pretty strict here. The school he is with is brilliant though.

  10. I get lost in art stores too.

  11. Sprite, when it comes to art stores; more is more :)

    dbs, what do you walk out with?

  12. @dbs awesomeness!
    @Ant, I know.. I am wanting to go back already... I think I'll take a walk over there when I go in for my craft show. They are just a couple of blocks down from the convention centre. Handy :)


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