Feb 16, 2011

The Truth comes out.

So before I left on holidays I was tagged and told some whoppers that I now have to explain. A few of you had a go at guessing and, guess what?
You’re all wrong!
Here is a recap:
1.       1 One of my previous jobs was working on a free range chicken farm.
2.      2  I once got horribly stuck when I tried to take my gym pants off without taking my shorts off, I had to hop out into the hallway and get my Dad to fix me.
3.      3  I am the proud owner of two, live, swords. A Samurai and a Katana, and yes, I know how to  use them.
4.      4  I used to get detention at school all the time, I was such a badass.
5.      5  Once when I was riding home from work late at night, a Bat threw a banana at me.

1 LIE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You know I am petrified of feathers. Can you imagine me working with chickens? With *shudders* feathers. BLECH!
2 TRUE! None of you guessed this as the true one. I am surprised. Yes, at times, even though it is hard to believe, I AM that unco. You know how we womenfolk can take off our bras without the removal of our clothes? Well for some reason I thought this day I could take off these stretchy gym pants without taking off my shorts. My foot got stuck. My leg was bent up, at an awkward angle above my knee. I had to hop out of my room, calling for my dad to come help me. He had to unstick my foot, while I leant against the wall. He and my sister thought it was hilarious.
3. Part LIE! I do own the swords. But they are not live blades and I do not know how to use them. Although if someone tried to attack me in my house I would certainly try to split them in twain! (While hollering like Xena) Heh.
4 LIE! I was a good girl. I got detention ONCE. When my friend grabbed me and dragged me across the road to get to the other side of our school, instead of going through the tunnel.
5. Part LIE! It wasn’t a banana. It was a MANGO! Seriously! No-one will believe me. A bat THREW a MANGO at ME! I was minding my own business, riding home from work, late one night and next thing WACK! Mango all over me and my bike, and I hear this evil bat screeching and flying off.  I’ve never trusted those furry flying “rodents” ever since.
So those are my stories and I’m sticking to them. See?  Even the lies were part truth cause I am so bad at lying!


  1. WOW!......WOW!.....LOL The things I learn about you SCARE ME!!! ^_^

  2. I'm still laughing about the mango throwing bat!

    But I also wanted to tell you that I have an award for you over on my blog!


  3. that was cute!!! OMG a bat laughing at throwing a Mango at you???? Hmmmm were you riding the bike home from the bar my friend? lol

    OMG my captcha was "PURRIST" lol

  4. Who cares about the senile bat, who dropped dinner. SWORDS!

    The strangled by gym wear, that's a new one.:)

  5. @Poetess aww.. I'm not that scary.

    @Hannah thanks for the award. And for laughing at the bat story :)

    @Caren I do believe that yes, the bat was laughing at me.

    @Ant I KNOW! I love my swords. I could totally see myself kicking ninja butt with them..lol

  6. Maybe the bat just dropped it by accident :)

  7. @Sarah I thought about that, but no, it threw it at me. Yep. :)

  8. So you're only posting twice a week now?

    Blogger is turning me into sweary flarey, why can't I alert someone that I have responded to a comment?

    WV: fintexsw. That makes no sense.

  9. @Ant I have been thinking that it would be a hany thing to have on here. The alert to comment thingy. Writing "another" post right now. It's a big one.


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