Feb 5, 2011

"I hear Chipmunks......"

Sounds like an M .Night Shyamalaladingdong movie doesn’t it? But really it isn’t that sinister. Unless you have tamiasphobia. Down the street from our house is a park, and every so often they show a free movie. Everyone walks down there with their folding chairs and blankets and it’s a really nice night out. Tonight they are showing Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakuel. So the whole neighbourhood is ringing with the sounds of those annoying delightful little fuzz buckets.
I have nearly finished my yo-yo crochet bag, which I started a couple of months ago. I have only been doing a bit at a time, but I really want to take it on our holiday (2 days), so today I ignored the R.C.I (repetitive crochet injury) and crochet’d my little heart out. I will post pics soon as it’s not quite there yet. Also my fingers are kind of bent and gnarled like an old scary lady who lives in a candy house in the woods. Mmm.. candy....
There are a couple of exciting events coming up for me. Holiday in 2 days, my birthday on 5th march, our wedding anniversary on the 21st of March, but more importantly, the one I have been waiting for. The one that NO-ONE is going to keep me from, is THIS:

So excited. I’ve been saving my pocket money for a while now and I am determined to go there with at least $300. Yes, Hubby and I get pocket money. It’s one of the things we agree on. No matter what happens, we pay ourselves first. So he gets money to spend on whatever crap he wants and I also have money I can spend. Totally guilt free. Some of our friends thought it was weird but they were then the ones fighting over who spent what and then came to us to explain how our little pocket money plan works.
Well that’s it for now. Except for this pic I took of a dandelion flower, before it blew away. I’m sure the neighbours think I’m mad, kneeling down in the long grass taking photos of who knows what. Like I care J


  1. Yada, yada, yada for all the other things you were talking about, but WOW! A craft Expo!!!!!!! Now I'm all sad that I don't live near you! I'd love to see what's going on there!! I hope you're taking pictures!! {And kneel down in the tall grass if you have to!! ^_^}

  2. that's a great shot of that dandelion! shows that it's not just a yucky weed, it's also beauty in its own right.

  3. Beautiful pic. I'm happy you're heading to your craft expo. As my teen daughter would say, treat your life!

  4. My neighbours think I'm weird too....taking photos at all times of the day! I hope to be known as "the eccentric artist" on my block when I'm older.

  5. I have no decided to save up for a new HD digital camera (I was going to get a polaroid, but maybe that'll wait) - this pic was the catalyst, most definitely! Have fun at the craft expo!!!

  6. We have that too. Although I don't call it pocket money, but "my money" aka "creative therapy money".

    Want to see the pics from the craft show. Never been to one. Is it safe? With all the needles...:)

    Have been to many art fairs though, really enjoy them.

  7. dbs-your daughter is wise and quotable.

  8. @Poetess Oh I'll blog all about the show don't you worry!

    @Sherilin, awww.. thats nice. Thanks!

    @Loach HEY! How are you doing? I don't know if I could make wine out of one lone little dandelion!

    @dbs, Thanks, like Ant said your daughter is wise :)

    @Carole, I hope to be known as the "Crazy Cat Lady" but without the throwing of the cats...

    @Ruth aww.. thanks.. get a Canon. They are the best :)

    @Ant I'll try and get pics, but I don't know about the safety factor, some of those older ladies are brutal when they form a crowd! I may even cop an elbow to the ribs...

  9. I'm always putting myself in strange or awkward places to get pictures. Laying on the ground is pretty normal for me. It's beautiful too by the way. Great shot!


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