Feb 7, 2011

I GOT TAGGED, and yes I am still going...

OK OK, I said I was going but I got TAGGED! Yes, thanks to the lovely Average Girl I am going to tell you some whoppers. Apparently I have to tell you 5 things about myself. 4 will be fibs and one will be true. This will be fun, I'll leave this open till I get back and let you know which one is true.

1.       One of my previous jobs was working on a free range chicken farm.
2.       I once got horribly stuck when I tried to take my gym pants off without taking my shorts off, I had to hop out into the hallway and get my Dad to fix me.
3.       I am the proud owner of two, live, swords. A Samurai and a Katana, and yes, I know how to use them.
4.       I used to get detention at school all the time, I was such a badass.
5.       Once when I was riding home from work late at night, a Bat threw a banana at me.

WOO! That was really hard because I really can't lie! LOL! I suck at it. It took me ages to think up these porkies! So that's it. I'll leave you to it. I wont follow the rest of the rules and tag people because that would be rude seeing I'm going away.  And well why have rules if they weren't meant to be broken?
Anyway, that's REALLY it. I'm going. Really...
See you in a week.
I mean it this time...
Look at post below, if you haven't done so.


  1. I can see you as a teen with 'tuuuude. Four might be true. But five is so crazy it could also be true.

  2. I KNEW you weren't gonna be gone!!! LOL You just messed up the party we were going to have in your absence!...Oh well..... ^_^ And it's so wacky that I'm going to say number 5 is true. I can't wait to hear the details of THAT story!! ^_^

  3. 1,2,4 & 5 are bound to be lies!

    I can imagine you wielding sharp-edged hardware in order to get your way.

  4. Pfffft. Easy. You have sharp metal objects.

    Remember, I'm house-sitting.

    Hey everyone party at Sprite's house.


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