Feb 21, 2011

BUGGER! POOP! CRAP!...A sprite rant.

Had a SHITTY day today. Thats as best as I can describe it.
Firstly, it begins as another sweltering hot day. I have had a crap nights sleep because of my (four fricken days early) "Monthly visitor" (as hubby calls it) I am tired, hot and sore and I havent even got out of bed yet.
My son and I slog through more schoolwork before we all have lunch, a shower and then are on our way into the city for my eye appointment. It is the HOTTEST day ever. Our aircon struggles and our gutless wonder of a car struggles even more.
Hubby drops me and the boy at the hospital and I walk into the eye clinic and it is FULL of PEOPLE! Naturally, they are having one of their busiest days today. Lots of emergencies. I don't really mind. I'm patient (lol). Get the dialating drop put in just my left eye. So I only look like half an E.T.
TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER... I get to see the doctor. Who pokes and prods, then consults with the head Doc, who also comes in and pokes and prods. They go over my notes, talking in medico jarg..
Eventually he says to me that they still can't tell what is wrong. What they DO know is that I have an eye disease. One that flares up and goes away and flares back up, etc. Each time it does, it leaves massive scarring in the back of the eye. causing me to loose my vision. Scarring that is NOT repairable. So no hopes of me regaining the vision that I have lost. And they don't know if I will lose more of if the disease is gone, or not. There is no treatment either, because they don't know for sure what it is. I later retell all this to Hubby who is furious and wants to get a second opinion and I say what could someone else tell us that this hospital hasent, and then we get shitty at each other.
So not the result I wanted. But I was expecting it anyway. Still, it sucks and I'm PISSED! So pissed I'm not even going to bother editing this post. THAT'S how pissed I am!
So I am now depressed over the results, sore, tired, blind, have a headache and my finger is giving me the SHITS!
My finger!
My right pointy finger is all stupid and tingly on the tip. Actually it's like it's asleep and every time I bang it, like NOW when typing, a hot stabby pain shoots through it. GRR! WTF???
So inbetween hubby dropping us off and him picking us up, all hell has broken loose outside. The biggest storm ever, complete with lightening and HAIL has swept over south east Queensland. The lightening is supercool, but a wee bit scary. Anyway we have to drive home in it, and it is pissing down raining, AND it's peak hour traffic. We have to drive down the buisest street in the WORLD. what should have been a five minute trip took half an hour! We finally get onto the motorway and it is raining SO heavy hubby has to follow the lights of the car in front of us just to keep on the road. Then it gets heavier! And the traffic has slowed to a crawl. It takes us two hours to get home, what is usually a 35 minute journey.  We couldnt even stop for dinner on the way home because of the rain. So we have beans on toast. 
Oh and guess what, we have to do the trip again in the MORNING!
*Eye twiches*


  1. Sorry to hear about the crappy time you're having. Me & the Mrs end up doing the same thing sometimes & take our frustrations out on each other. Hang in there.

  2. Ugh... I'm sorry! That does sound incredibly frustrating!! Hang in there, hope you have a better day. :)

  3. you poor thing! How do they not know what in the world the disease is???? I am so sorry, you must be very scared. I pray they find some kind of answers for you.
    On a positive note your illustration at the top is simply adorable and perfect for this post! xoxoxo

  4. I don't know why I thought of this but have you been tested for diabetes? I hope I'm too forward in asking this. I just wish I could help.

  5. @Vinny, I know and you regret it immediatly after but you can't help it at the time :) thankyou :)

    @Sunny, thankyou, I hope so to.

    @CAren, I know right? it's annoying. Yeah I did like this pic!

    @dbs Yep. Been tested for EVERYTHING!

    Apparently they have a bit of an idea. It falls into a group of diseases that degenerate the eye. Something like yellow spot syndrome. But they don't know what causes it, how to treat it, and exactly which one it is. So they don't want to treat it because they wouldnt know if said treatment would be affective, and worth the risk of the side effects.

  6. Sprite, so sorry.
    Check your mail.
    That's a great pic of a pd off Sprite.

  7. What a shitty day, I"m sorry to hear it :( I hope they figure something out soon and can stop your eye degenerating further and I hope tomorrow and the rest of the week improves!

  8. Yup, you had one of those days you wish you could have stayed in bed and slept through! I hope tomorrow goes more smoothly for you. Get your hubby to give you a hug from me in Canada where it is 3*C and cooling down to freezing tonight.

  9. @Ant thanksyou. OOPS! Really need to check my email more often!

    @Ruth, thanks, I hope so to. Loosing sight is not fun. It's SCARY! :(

    @Carol Thanks Carol, I will for sure :)

  10. Love the pic at the beginning. I am really sorry about your shat day. I will say though, that whenever I read your blog I read it with what I assume is an Aussie accent, and I just can't make it sound as mad as you are. I hope things are better tomorrow... or today... I'm shat with time differences...

  11. @Paul..lol! We don't SHAT here, we SHIT! LOL! I think it's the Scottish who Shat. And Irish shyte.
    WOW.. this is a lovely topic of conversation isnt it? :)

    Anyway thankyou. Today was a better day.
    Not so shatty ;)

  12. Oh, I say shat... and shit... not really sure when I choose one over the other. Though my blood is mostly Irish, so maybe some genetics... I AM happy you had a better day though. :)

  13. Yay for the Irish, mine is to.
    Which is why I like Shyte :)


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