Feb 3, 2011


Yes! I went BACK to the Bookfest today. This time Hubby went with us, and I also took my little "Crate on wheels" with me so I didn't have to lug heavy books around with me. Hubby laughed at me at first, dragging my little wheeled crate behind me. He wasn't laughing after he went berserk with Ludlum books and asked if he could put them all in my crate. I picked up a few very old crochet pattern books. Some of the people on them were quite scary and Hubby and I had a laugh trying to outdo each other on who could pick the most hideous pattern out. I won with two men in bright checked knitted sweaters. Scary indeed.
So I got LOTS more Teddy books. Looking at making a few more miniature ones, and also my son asked me if I would make one for him. I have a beautiful piece of (fake) fur fabric waiting to be made into a Ted so I think I'll use it for his. But not until I have finished the one I am making at the moment. The one that has been sitting dismembered and forgotten for about three years now.
So most of you would have seen the news of the cyclone that is up in north Queensland at the moment. I have a lot of family and friends up there but thankfully all of them have fared well. This was one MASSIVE cyclone, bigger than the one that went through and destroyed everything in the same area, five years ago. It's now continuing towards central Australia, and has been downgraded into a depression. Well I'd be depressed sitting in central Australia to. Not much there but dirt and sticks.

Meatball scissors STILL have not arrived.


Oh and it seems we cant stop growing pumpkins. Remember how excited I was when the first one grew months ago? Well we picked the four that were ripe. Buy the way they are heavenly. Now there are FIVE more! And they are growing at an alarming rate, you can almost SEE them getting bigger. (like trifids) The vine has taken over the whole of the garden, down the lawn and is now threatening to go over the fence into two of our neighbours yards. I have told hubby he will need to pull it back into our yard.


  1. When a pic gets put up, I'll link you a photo of the hideous jumper our costume person sourced for our main actor. It was hilarious (on purpose of course)!! We couldn't stop laughing!

    I couldn't imagine going through that cyclone - at least no one has lost there lives. Anna Bligh is awesome, Victoria needs to steal her when all this is over.

    We had that problem with Broccoli.

  2. Your post reminded me that I have some old crochet pattern books from the 60s with patterns NO ONE would even think of wearing nowadays!...Or maybe they would! ^_^ I'll have to blog about it one of these days...or write a "How-To Multiply" pumpkin book! ^_^

  3. Pumpkins?


  4. Sprite. Books. My preciousssss. You just reminded me that I need mooooore. When it comes to books more is more, not less. :)

    I was watching the Cyclone via Sat pics, so glad it lost its energy and had the good sense to veer into the sticks and that you and yours are okay.

  5. Pumpkin, or weed? How do you know?

  6. @Ruth Can't wait to see it. Broccoli hey? I've never tried to grow that :)

    @Poetess Well a few of these older patterns are quite nice, it's just the people wearing them that are scary lookin..lol! I mainly got baby patterns, I know I'm torturing myself but I can't help it :(

    @Symdaddy YUCKY!

    @Ant, Thankyou very much, I'm glad to :)

  7. Better Triffids in your garden than the Chrysalids.

  8. @Paul Oh it's all pumpkin..LOL!

    @dbs, I dont know, those Triffids are creepy buggers.

  9. dbs-Dude! Triffids? They walk and eat people. Telepathy is way better. Seriously, I'm worried about you. Get.More.Sleep.

  10. Maybe dbs wants to cull the humans with telepathic Triffids?


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