Feb 18, 2011

A Big Announcement

No reason, just amuses me.

Deep breath...
OK. Well for those of you who don’t know I am not working at the moment. Long story short, I was working in a so-I-thought secure job, when I had my hours dropped and then the boss was an asshole and so I quit. On principal. Well then we decided to do the next IVF and after that failed I was pretty devastated for a while. We had the holiday coming up in February and our son had started home schooling so I decided to wait until all this was over before I started to job hunt again. We aren’t that desperate for the money. Hubby is on a pension and so am I because of our sons’ special needs. So I don’t have to work if I don’t want to. But I do. So I have now started job hunting again. Hopefully I won’t have too much trouble getting another job. I have been in retail for years and am experienced in many areas.
Our main reason for me going back to work though is not for the money. Well it is, but anything I earn is going straight into our savings account. Because....
We are going to try IVF again!
Hubby and I talked and talked about this. For quite a while, and we have both agreed that we are going to give it another go. This time we know what to expect, how it all works, how all the drugs affect me, etc.
I know I said last year that I couldn’t understand how some people could just go back and do this time and time again. But this is the absolute last shot we have. So that is what has been on my mind lately. Job hunting and baby making. Getting the finance, getting fit, and getting “Mind” ready for it.
Yeah I know  I will have to face those emotions again if it doesn’t work. But I know that I will feel way worse if I don’t at least try.

And now for another poem.


The moon she doth shine so bright
On this bitter winters night
Oh how I long to spread wings and take flight
And travel upon her silver light

Where she will take me, I do not know
To the mountains where the wild heather does grow
Or down to the moonlit beach below
To watch gentle tides ebb and flow

As fresh breath of air draws near
She softly whispers in my ear
I hear those words I have longed to hear
"Lift up your wings and fly my Dear.."



  1. Best of luck with everything :) And that poem is quite beautiful, I really loved it!

  2. I just learned something else about you that I didn't know...about the IVF! I had no idea you had gone down that long emotional road before. I have an acquaintance that did...TOUGH when it doesn't "take". But you already know that apparently. :-(

  3. Good luck and best wishes. Try to keep the stress down. I don't know if that helps with IVF, but I had trouble getting pregnant for a while until I stopped stressing about it. My fingers will be crossed for you! *hugs*

  4. Happy if you're happy. Fly little sprite. Fly.

  5. Everything crossed for you.

    Loved the poem!

  6. I'm so cautiously excited for you! :) I REALLY hope it works this time. You're such a great person, and children deserve to come to great parents like you (instead of some of the sorry ones they so often go to).

  7. @Poetess Yes, when I first started on here I was going through it. Havent talked about it for a while :)

    @Hannah Thankyou and yes, stress isnt good, at any time.

    @dbs thankyou. I WILL!

    @symdaddy, thankyou! Keep em crossed.

    @Pual I know what you mean about deadbeat parents, but thats a whole other post isnt it? lol.

  8. sending you hugs and prayers....what your heart tells you to do is what you need to do!

  9. Sprite, my first thought was, why is she destroying her hard drive?

    And then...AWESOME :), I'm so glad you are trying again. Wonderful! Let's hope. :) *fingers crossed*.

    Don't stress about it, I know, easier said than done.

    Ant is very excited for you. Hey, I can be your "Ant" :)

    Beautiful poem and I'm with dbs and Paulsifer. Any child of yours is LUCKY.

  10. It is a whole other post. I say you post it! :) Or don't, whatev.

  11. @Caren Thankyou my friend. It's friends like you that make it easier. Hugs back.xoxo

    @Ant aww, you brought a little tear to mine eye. Thankyou for being so supportive.

    @Paul I could go on and on about the people down the street from us. But I won't. lol.

  12. "Mister" ;) ;) (sounds like the new creep in town)February 19, 2011 at 5:24 PM

    Hi Sprite,

    If you get the chance could you let people know that I am having some technical difficulties in my comments, the kind that makes me want to take a hammer to *swears*.

    Stupid future.

  13. @Mister? I don't know who you are. Are you a heavy breather?

  14. It sounds like you've been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. I wish you the best of luck in finding a perfect job and success with the IVF procedures!


  15. Good wishes and tidings to you and your family.

  16. Nice poem, praying for your IVF and the right job:)

  17. Support at your service.:)

    WV is "hymni".:)

  18. @K9Friend It has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Thankyou for the well wishes.

    @Loach, thankyou so much!

    @Toyin O. Hello and thankyou!

    @Ant, so are we singing or looking at fonts?


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