Feb 15, 2011


Well hello everyone! I'm back! And to a nice shiny page I might add. Well done Ant for whipping the troops into action.
Holidays are great but it sure is nice to be home. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed with my own pillows tonight. Hubby and son are being energetic and are going to Karate tonight. I will be doing pretty much nothing :)

Anyway, here is a run-down of our week.
The first two days we had rain which we didn't really mind that much because it was nice and cool and we had air-con. After that it was warm and sunny and the Beach was nice to swim at, although the waves were a bit rough. I like a calm sea. lol.
Our son, who is not a very good swimmer yet, had his first go at boogie boarding. It was amusing to watch, but exhausting, seeing I had to be there with him all the time so he didn't drown or get carried out to sea :)
OK Ant, so I did a wee bit of rock climbing, but these were horizontal.

It's nice on a weekday, not too many people. The sand is so fine and white, when you walk on it, it squeaks!
 We walked home and jumped into the pool which was cold but so refreshing.
After every swim we always went for a shower. There are two bathrooms in our Unit. One main one, that is built for people in wheelchairs (remember the unit belongs to a charity org who help families who have people with brain injuries, most of them are wheel-chair bound). The other bathroom is attached to our main bedroom and it has the most awesome shower in it. With LIGHTS! I love the shower so much, and seeing we aren't paying for it we can use all the hot water we want. In our bathroom there is also a spa which I used on the last night we were there. (On our honeymoon I made the rookie mistake of putting bubbles into the spa. Bad idea. You couldn't see me for bubbles!)
Day three we took our son to the Air Museum. It was awesome. SO many different planes, helicopters, bombers, transports etc. I fell in love with a GIANT helicopter that had the most enormous rotors on it. We were allowed to go into a couple of the planes, one was a big Air Force carrier. So cool.

*Sigh* LOVE IT!
On the weekend we went to the markets that they have in the centre of town. They close off the main street and it becomes a long arts and craft and food market. I got Dutch Pancakes for breakfast. With maple syrup of course!
We went to our favourite RSL club for dinner on night four. I got the most gigantic plate of chicken parmigiana with veggies. It was so yum. (on our honeymoon we went there and hubby told them we were honeymooners and they gave us free deserts).
The rest of the time was spent lounging around, reading, playing ds, watching movies and sleeping. I finally got to watch "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" which was absolutely stunning and I am kicking myself for not going to see it at the cinemas. But I own it now so I'll watch it on our big TV with surround.
My Valentine Pressie. awwww

So that's pretty much it. We are home, Moby is still here (although a wee bit miffed at me), the pumpkins have not eaten the neighbours (although there are now EIGHT!) and I am BUGGERED!
I will TRY to catch up on some of your pages in the next couple of days but I wont get to all of the posts.
I'll post the answer to my Tagged blog tomorrow.


  1. Looks like a great time. My boys would love an air museum like that. Those beaches look insanely awesome! Jealousy here.

  2. Welcome back, sounds like you had a great time.

    Rock climbing endeavor. Approved.
    COPTER! with a Kangaroo on it. COOOOOOOOL!
    Hubbie's choice of teddy bear. Approved.
    Legend of the Guardians. My inner child wants :)
    Not drowning while boogie boarding: AWESOME.
    Miffed cats who ignore you after presumed abandonment, familiar with that one.

    Good to have you back

  3. @ Cheeseboy, Yep I thought his eyes would pop out. He just finished learning all about planes at school, so it was excellent to show him inside the wings and engines.

    @Loach, It was and thanks.

    @Ant. We did. I weely weely want that copter! I shall fly it to get the groceries.
    It's good to be back. Now I must go make peace with Furbaby.

  4. Horizontal Rock climbing! Ha! Clever. One of your photos is now my desktop pic. Glad your boy enjoyed himself too.

  5. Nice pics. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    We certainly enjoyed ourselves ... er, not that there was a party going on at your place or anything ... and if you find chips under the sofa or curry sauce and salsa dip stains on the rugs, we know absolutely nothing about any of it ... zip ... zilch!

    (Phew! I think we got away with it guys)

  6. @dbs Oh very cool! And Horizontal rock climbing is still fraught with danger. All those slimy rocks and blue ringed octopus!

    @Symdaddy I noticed my couch "Crunched" when I sat on it. I'm on to you....

  7. Welcome home!! I'm glad you all had a good time!...Such nice photos too! Horizontal rocks, squishy sand, and pancakes!! I have to see if I can get me a travel agent that can find those same amenities around here somewhere!! LOL

  8. Welcome back. Looks like you all had yourselves a good time. I'm signing up for horizontal rock climbing lessons. It sounds like a sport I could get into.

  9. Glad to have you back! Sounds like you had a great time!

  10. @Poetess Thankyou! I think the pancakes topped it off for me.

    @VinnyC LOL! WOnder if it will make it to the Olympics?

    @Hannah Thankyou and yes we did!

  11. BlUE RINGED OCTOPUS????!!!! Horizontal rock climbing privileges REVOKED!!!

    I'm telling hubby.

    Oh wait, taught your ginormous beast something while you were away: "MOBY!. Attack and retrieve. Good boy."

    Geek alert: But...ahem...did you take a picture?

  12. What a lovely vacation :-) Glad to have you back.

  13. Welcome back!! We missed you!!!!!!! Your holiday sounds like overall you had an amazing time and that is great!
    I never heard of "sand that squeaks!!" lol
    Your bubble honeymoon story was too cute and look at your Valentine's present! Adorable!!!
    Belated Happy Valentine's Day and good to see you back!

  14. Glad you had a good time :) It sounds like a great holiday/place to go. Love the pics!

    Pssst - I think they're making a sequel to Legend of the Gaurdians and I found Dot and the Kangaroo on DVD.

    Also, now I want parma.

  15. *gaaaaaaaaaaasp* When you said 'pumpkins haven't eaten the neighbours' I had such a Jack Skellington moment!!!


    sorry, bit tired and loopy :P

  16. @Ant take a pic of what, the Octopus? No WAY! Nice trick, did you teach him to do it with mice? The lazy sod.

    @ChocAngel It was and thankyou. Nice to be back.

    @Caren I missed you to! Yep, there were many bubbles... hehee!

    @Ruth OMG a Sequel? YAY! I knew that the movie finished like it could happen but that is good to hear. Can't wait. YAY for finding Dot! I'm always tired and loopy.. LOL!


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