Mar 13, 2011

It Paynes me to say...

Sitting there admiring how my new paints fit perfectly into my brush box, and thinking about my conversation with Ant about Paynes Grey, I decided to open it and have a look. I took off the foil lining and smudged a bit on some white paper only to find......



(I realise some of you may now be saying "Um, yeah, it's called Paynes grey isn't it?"

Like my Hubby did when I shoved the paper at him later.
"Look at this!" I cried.
"It's grey" Hubby replies.
"It's SUPPOSED to be a deep blue!" I say rolling my eyes. Uncultured hillbilly....
"Why is it supposed to be blue if it's called Grey?" the uncultured one asks.
"Cause that's what it's called" I say.

I will have to MAKE the Paynes Grey. So now, a little LESS happy with my new paints.

Hubby came back from the "Nuts and Bolts place" with a heap of storage containers he got for free. They were being thrown away after they went through the floods. There is nothing wrong with them. They are only covered in mud and muck from the flood water. So guess who washed each one, by hand? They were gross, and smelly. I used commercial strength germ killer on them to. I am having the little red ones and any of the blue ones Hubby has left over after he sorts out his workshop. There are also a heap of rectangular containers we can use for all sorts of things.
In other news...
We are moving.
That's right. MOVING!!! GGRRR!!!
We rent privately and the landlord wants to put the rent up by $100 a fortnight! Which is well beyond our means. So we have decided to move (Unless he can come up with a better amount).
What we have been thinking about though, is leaving this town altogether and settling in a small town further up north. It's a nice country town with lovely older houses (which Hubby and I both adore) and REALLY CHEAP RENT! Also, Hubby's dad has a block of land there, with a large shed on it. So we can store stuff, and have the bus there and work on it. Way more convenient. We have gone into moving mode and have been sorting things into what we are keeping, what will be sold in a garage sale, and what's for the bin. I emptied six boxes while Hubby struggled through his Bottomless box of computer cables.
So we are going to be super busy for the next few weeks. Unless the landlord comes to us with a better offer.

I was tagged some time ago from my  Ant who gave me this: I Count on you Award. I am supposed to answer this question:
"Do your witty answers pop instantly into your head when you read the post with an immediate urge to hit the comment button or do you have to sit and ponder?"

Well, it all depends. Honestly, most times I just comment and click the button. But in a situation which garners more of a thoughtful reply, I do sit and ponder. Sometimes I might even go research something before replying, so I get my info right. Other times, if I'm supped up on painkillers or a little vino then whatever pops into my head is what you're going to get, be it weird, silly, stupid, insane, or plain disturbing.


  1. Ha! I'm first, then I saw the title and the paintbox. Very excited.

    Burst out laughing at the IT'S GREEEEEEY!!!!I've learned the hard way, ok, more like WTF?!?

    When it comes to Payne's grey, watercolor, oil or acrylic it has to be high quality artist grade, no matter how tempting the sales. (I'm staring at tubes and pans that are a dull g.r.e.y. Grrrr.)

  2. Moving sucks. Be nice, let him keep those cables. He neeeeeeeds them;)

    But it's a great way to declutter and those containers are really useful. I built a cabinet for very similar ones.

    WV is "gogilefu". Don't know why, but I like it.

  3. I know what you mean. My expensive Jo Sonja's acrylics have the PROPER Payne's Grey. Only a small tube though (75ml or 2 1/2 U.S. FL. OZ.).

    I'm going to have a go at mixing it though, I'll use the stupid GREY payne's grey and mix some Phthalo Blue with it.

  4. gogilefu, say it out loud.. it's awesome.

  5. NO! It's time to be ruthless! I am throwing away my crap, he can do the same..

  6. Oh no. I know those "conversations".
    Don't throw that out.
    It's junk.
    No, I can use it for my collaging.
    You'll find more images.
    But, I'm recycling.....:/

  7. I did. Gogilefu (sprite will call it cute) and I can't get over deebs. Does he know yet? :)

  8. Oh, I forgot. I've tried, but the cheap pigments aren't pure and I ended up with muddy. Phtalo might give you a green tinge.

    Try ultramarine, a little raw sienna mixed into the grey.

    Ok, still laughing. Just looked at your "smudges". I know the thought process. *Swearing* and angry cleaning of brush on paper or canvas.:D

    WV: "Ochlog". Yup.

  9. Last one, cause I'm holding your blog hostage. Sorry.

    I can't wait to post some of my art posts and now I want to go paint. Thank you, Sprite. Inspired. Happy.

  10. LOL! Yeah I was not impressed.
    I'm glad I inspired you :)
    He will soon enough :)

  11. Good luck with the moving (if a better offer doesn't come). I raised my eyebrows at the 'It's grey' hahaha. Why call it grey if it's blue? Wieeeerd!!! But then so many things are lol

  12. that makes me think of my gray cat who's called a russian blue. but in reverse. and why do they call red-heads red when they're more like orange? it's a quandry, i tell ya.

  13. WOW! You've got all kinds of things going on, huh?!...I like the bins. Good find for free!...I feel for you, with the moving thing. I HATE moving. But good for you, getting a big head start on it with the sorting thing...and lastly, I'm like you with answering blog questions. I just say what comes to mind...and move on. I only research something (or go find something) if they specifically ask about something. Otherwise you get me wherever my mind is at the moment. Silly, deep thinking, sarcastic, or I am now! ^_^

  14. Don't worry about the colour too much. Just create. Create.

  15. @Ruth I agree :)
    @Sherilin OH! You have a russian Blue? NICE!
    @Poetess, yes we DO have a lot going right now.. Every time we move we get rid of a lot of things, somehow we always accumulate more.
    @Deebs I know, I will :)

  16. Hey Sprite, next time in an art store: Is this Paynes Grey or Gogilefus Grey?

    What? They're the ones selling us this crap and then they won't exchange it. (Mini GRRrRr)

    WV is talking to me again: "acton" *evil smirk*

  17. Are you planning a garage sale? You could sell your tube of Grey...P Grey at your garage sale and with the money you make buy another, BLUE...P Grey!


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