Mar 15, 2011

A Princely Visitor.

I say! We are receiving a Royal visit from Prince William on Sunday. Apparently our very own Major wrote to the Prince himself and asked if he would visit our poor flood ravaged town before making his way up to Toowoomba. The Prince said he would. Our Major said Jolly good 'Ol chap we'll have a Barbie!
Yes. A BBQ.
Apparently Wills loves to BBQ. I found a number of pics of him on the net of him doing just that.
Although I have no idea WHAT he is BBQ-ing in this pic.

Looks to be the hind quarter of a Muttaburrasaurus (Australian Dinosaur, still alive and roaming the land today. Aapparently. Don't quote me on that :)

He is quite excited in this one. 'Avin a laff wid Bazza. (Don't know if that's the mans name but he looks like a Bazza (Barry)

He will be landing at our RAFF Air Base at 11:30 and having a big 'ol barbie with some of Australia's leaders and some people who were greatly affected by the floods. He said he doesn't want any POMP and ceremony, he just wants to be casual and talk to the people.
Well, Wills, that's what an Aussie Barbie is all about! Long as you BYO your own Grog then it's all good Mate!

This Lamb is a little too under done Wills! SHEESH!

I can just imagine another scenario at the RAAF Base. He will see our totally cool Black Hawk Helicopters and want to take one for a spin.

Wills to the Aussie RAFF Dude :"I say, can I take this 'ol bird up for a bit of a flutter?"
.........*awkward silence*..........
Aussie RAFF Dude : "Umm... I don't know..."
Wills *Pouty faced* (see below)'"Granny would let me!"
Aussie RAFF Dude *sighing*: "OKAY! Just for a bit"
Wills : "WEEEE!" *claps hands*

He is also touring Cyclone ravaged sites up north, which I think is tops! Good on ya Will.


  1. I say, I do believe he is barbecuing same game meat. Jolly good.



  2. Mail!! I'll be back later.

  3. Looks like a good opportunity for ribs!!! ^_^ And some good music, if you can find it!

  4. Our man Wills was in eastern Canada a week or so ago but didn't make it here to the West Coast! I guess he was in a hurry to BBQ with you guys!

  5. Well, game seemed probably....I say, quite.

  6. And I'll just BET he doesn't have my wedding invitation in his flight suit.
    Wanker (is that the appropriate word?).

  7. @Ant Mail checked, and replied.
    @Poetess mmmmmribs!
    @Carol I guess he was LOL!
    @Ruth Quite.
    @Al if it wasn't for all the VIP's Smooshing him, I'd ask for you Al...

  8. You must introduce him to the spriteous Australian sport of horizontal rock climbing!

  9. @dbs OH! I never thought of that... Jolly good!

  10. lol, saw you lot up north with wills on the news tonight,looks like fun was had .


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