Mar 18, 2011

RANTY SPRITE, Oh and Broken Hubby

As the title suggests, yes Hubby is broken and booboo'd. He did it at Karate. But not WHILE doing karate. Before it even started. He fell down some steps and broke his foot. On his "good" leg. The one that isn't full of titanium. So we spent the next day at Doctors and xrays and then the hospital. The last three nights we both haven't had near enough sleep, and I am tired and cranky as hell.
To add to my crankiness, it is that-time-of-the-month which resulted in me curled up on my bed in agony. It started while I was out grocery shopping so you can imagine how I was feeling driving home. I almost got out and throttled a boy I saw smoking. SMOKING! He was barely 12. Little shit. Stupid parents.
I got home and nearly threw a pack of toilet paper at my son. And discovered the checkout chick squished my lettuce. GGRR!
SO I'm tired, cranky, hormonal, and sore, and all cleany. Re-arranged the kitchen and cleaned it top to bottom. Stupid hormones.

There is a weird freaky grey thing in the room downstairs. This downstairs room runs the whole length of the house, and serves as the second lounge room, guest room, computer room and storage room. The other night I was watching some TV, and then decided to turn my computer off. As I got up off the lounge I saw some movement and this freaky grey thing kind of jumped and bumped and bashed into boxes and then sort of tumbled away out of sight. Leaving me standing there saying out loud "What the F**k was that?!!" Needless to say both son and hubby do not believe me. It's the mango throwing bat story all over again. No-one believes me! But I saw it dammit! I told my Mum, who believed me straight away. She thinks it may have been a native hopping mouse. So I don't want to hurt it. But it can't stay inside either.
 I will capture it and then they will see I wasn't imagining it.



  1. Freaky grey thing sounds like a friend and I both saw an animal in the city just now - she thinks it was an abnormally large rat, I'm saying small cat. We are sticking with cat, because it makes us feel better!

    I hope you feel better soon, and that you husbands foot heals up quickly!!

  2. oh, you are ranty!
    i hope your husband's docs give him plenty of pain meds so he won't be whiny & high maintenance.
    i want to smack smoking children too. and pregnant women.

  3. Oh No!!!! :-( Poor hubby!...It's not him hopping around downstairs, is it?!...Wait! That would be on his bad leg....So, I guess not! ^_^ WOW!!! You've got a lot of scary stuff going on in your house! I'm kinda glad there's an least...between us this week! LOL

  4. If I lived on your side of the planet I'd come over and feed you some chocolate, pour you a cuppa tea, and rub your back! As for hubby drug him, you'll all be happier (and he might see the grey thing in the corner too!) I hope you all feel better soon.

  5. I'm sorry hubby is broken, and the mouse sounds awesome. If I had any good animal catching ideas I'd put them here. Because I know none, I'll just give you a ridiculous one:

    First, what you've gotta do is find something you don't like to eat in your house... mine would be boiled eggs, but whatev. You've gotta walk into the room, pretending that you are eating said thing and REALLY enjoing it. Animals are smarter than we think and will want whatever it is that you're eating. Then, you must drop it and cuss (again, animals know). Then, you have your son (because your hubby is broken, hide somewhere previously for a long time, so the animal forgets he's there, and when the animal tries to eat the disgusting food, your son jumps out and puts a bucket over the rodent. Then you take it outside.

    Hope your hubby gets better. Have a nice day. :)

  6. You broke your hubby?

    Seriously, wish him a speedy recovery.

    You have a kangaroo mouse? So cool. I was obsessed with them when I was younger. Sprite must save it and set it freeeeeeeee.

    Feel better soon. Replied.

  7. OMG I hope your husband feels better soon! the poor thing! have a MOUSE???????!!!! I would be DYING!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sorry about your husband. I hope the rant helps. Little shits irritate me too. I saw one throw a coffee cup into a snowbank today. Littering is ignorance and arrogance.

  9. So...the checkout girl squashed your husbands foot on a lettuce with steps and a pack of toilet rolls was smoking in the kitchen whilst someone was having their bottom cleaned?

    It's early and my coffee machine is broken ... I think I'll just go back to bed.

  10. @Ruth HAHA! I could be anything roaming round the city..LOL!
    @Loach Yeah me to!
    @Sherilin He is high maintenance But bless him lol. You want to smack pregnant women?? How voilent... Heheheee!!!
    @Poetess Yeah we are not good company at the moment.
    @Carole Aw you are sweet, and FUNNY! LOL @ drugging Hubby...
    @Paul You know that is so silly it may just work!
    @Ant I didn't break him! He did it all by I'm not sure if it is a hopping mouse, cause it comes down the wall. I don't know if hopping mice can climb...
    @Caren Thankyou I do to. Not really scared of mice but don't like them in my house. GGRR...
    @dbs OO I hate litterers!

  11. mango throwing bat...i believe you...I lived in hervey bay....i believe you....

  12. @IWBY YAY! Thankyou! I was in FNQ at the time.

  13. @Symdaddy sounds like a nanna nap would be

  14. Mango throwing bat stories are the kind of thing that get brought up for years to come!

  15. @Sandra very true. Hubby thinks I should write a book about all the weird things that have happened to


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