Mar 24, 2011

CRAFT SHOW! and some other things...

Boy I have been so busy the last few days. I have had no time for blogger, and you all have been blogging away like mad. I will try and catch up at some stage, but I may miss a few.
I have had to juggle a few things the last couple of days. Looking after Broken Hubby, taking him to the hospital for a re-plaster, making meals, cleaning house, washing, mowing, home schooling, grocery shopping, visiting my parents etc..
I have barely had time to scratch myself!

But today was ME DAY!
The craft show has finally arrived and I made a BIG dent in the $300 I'd saved.
Got some bear making supplies, along with a new pattern. (With a free amethyst glass beaded necklace)
More awesome laser cut stickers.
Laser cut chipboard to make lots of pretty stuff. (I'll post pics of what I do)
A cool bag pattern.
Beaded handles for another bag.
Owl die-cuts (Owls were everywhere this year)
A pair of gorgeous half priced gold embroidery stork scissors.
looms for making fabric yoyo's (round ones and flower ones)

I'm sure there is more but I can't think right now. Anyway, here is my "loot"

Hubby nearly fell over (again LOL!) when I told him I'd spent all my money. But then it was my money so he doesn't care. He was just happy I was happy.  I was also pretty pleased with myself for successfully navigating my way through the city and back home again without getting lost.

My ebay parcel arrived a couple of days ago. It is the David Attenborough book "Amazing Rare Things". It was recommended to me by Ant and I want say a BIG thankyou to him. The book is simply wonderous! There are no photographs in this book but is instead full of beautiful hand painted and drawn pictures of plants, animals etc. If you are a fan of ecology, evolution etc then this is an awesome book to have. David Attenborough is my all time hero so I cherish this book. What I wouldn't give to have it autographed by him!

So that's about it for now. I'll drop by your page when I can, in between RL and crafting! LOL!

OH! Btw, I have not seen anything more of the freaky grey thing. I have heard it, but no sightings. I am thinking maybe it was just an extra springy mouse and I simply startled the crappers out of it......


  1. Owls are cool, I have an owl patterned bag and a pretty owl necklace. They're in for some reason haha. Can't wait to see what create with your crafty goodies!

  2. I love the book!! And loot is vast! I guess $300.00 is going a lot farther than it used to! LOL Good Job...taking care of hearth and home! Enjoy your ME day! :-)

  3. That is a lot of loot! Sounds like it was fun though. Sorry your hubby is still broken. Glad the mouse might be gone. :) And uh, glad to see you in the blogosphere again.

  4. thats some serious crfting, im not crafty,widh i was though.

  5. Wow! Sounds like your day was fun. I hope it continues into some great craft days. :)

  6. Craft show! YES! I'd totally go if I was crafty. But I would like to write a book on first grade crafting.

  7. @Ruth I know! I'm loving all the owl stuff...
    @Poetess I know how to make it stretch. I spent a lot on the bear stuff but it was all things I needed anyway.
    @Paul Oh I don't think he is gone, just keeping out of my
    @IWBY I reckon you could be!
    @Carole I'm looking forward to it.
    @Cheeseboy It's the most awesome craft show ever...

  8. Glad you got it and a BIG welcome. It's such a treasure of a book, back when they had to rely on painting before photography.

    That is some creative therapy loot you got there, can't wait to see what you do with it. :) I can't identify most of it *peers closer*. Nope. What are stork scissors used for?

    Is hubby doing better?

  9. @Ant the stork scissors are small antique looking sharp pointed scissors that people use for embroidery, etc. I like them because they are thin and pointy enough to be able to slip through bear fur and cut just the backing fabric.

    I thought I made my pic big enough? Do your little anty eyes need glasses..? HEHEHEE!!

  10. Ah.

    You mean the big compound eyes? Didya know that ants have 3 more on top of their heads to detect movement from above? (Bad birdies)

    Uummm...sprites don't eat ants, do they?

    P.S. Repliooo. Tired and goofy. Where's the birdhouse?

  11. Eat ants? BLECK!
    And yes I did know that (nature geek here) I love trilobite compound eyes. Fabulous!

    Sent you a reply...did you not get it?

    I'll send you a pic of birdhouse.

  12. Got it. Nice.Wow.Replied. Anything you can't make? I don't craft, but appreciate it.

    Fellow nature geek, knew they had compound eyes, did not know they had 3 more "ocelli". Cool.

    Plan to mix in some cool animal stuff into future posts. Some really incredible things. I.AM.GEEK!:)

  13. I'll have a go at anything.

    Looking forward to the animal posts.


  14. Yes, I meant WWF Earth Hour. Don't make sense when tired.

  15. AWW.. go get some sleep then Ant. :)

  16. I did. :). Now totally procrastinating, so happy. (Played silly game with cat).

  17. lol! Moby chases sticks. Always amusing, especially when you spin them round, and round....


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