Nov 11, 2010

GGGRRR! Rant time.

First of all, today is Remembrance Day and I would like to say "THANK YOU" to all our brave men and women who serve, at home and overseas. YOU are appreciated.

We arnt rich by any means. But I am so sick of buying piece of shit cars! I know we can't afford to just go and buy something half way decent let alone something new, but seriously, I am starting to get pissed of with cars. The latest one we have is a Nissan N16. Which hubby insisted was easy to fix if it broke down and parts are easy to get. We paid $2500 for it in a privet sale. So far we have spent a fortune on it trying to fix a noise, that no mechanic we take it to seems to know what it is. We've had put in new timing chains (which admittedly needed to be done), had the gear box checked, new cam shafts, and a whole stack of stuff and still the car is making a racket. So finally one mechanic tells us the engine is going to need a complete reco. We decide that buying a new second-hand engine is a better way to go. We find Jap imports that only have about 60,000ks on them (some law in Japan about not having cars on the road that have done more than 62,000ks). Sweet. We also get a new gearbox and air conditioner compressor from the same car. Alright.
Tuesday: we drop the car off in the afternoon so the mechanic can start. He rings to tell us the gearbox is not an automatic, which we need, but a manual one. So hubby rings supplier to rant. They are VERY sorry and say the right one will be sent first thing in the morning. Not straight away. In. The. Morning.
Wednesday: Hubby rings after lunch. Gearbox has not arrived! Hubby rings supplier. Again. They NEVER said first thing, they said first RUN (Yeah right), and the driver ran out of fuel and someone has to go get him, but gearbox will arrive soon. Another day down the drain.
Thursday:  Afternoon : Mechanic rings to tell us that new gearbox is a piece of shit and they don't want to put it into our car. Hubby rings supplier. Again. "Oh but I checked this one personally"  the owner says. Hubby is livid but trying to remain calm cause he wants a resolution and doesn't want to piss this guy off, even though he is a dumbass. Me, I want to grab the phone and scream at him, see how he likes a hormonal female yelling at him.  Many phone conversations back and forth with mechanic, and auto gearbox place next to mechanic. All decide that no, this guy needs to send new gearbox out or totally refund our money. Guy says, "Wait up, I've got another one hear, I'll send it right over"  But one problem, gearbox has no converter,  so we have to take the one off our ORIGINAL gearbox and use it (even though the auto gearbox man didn't recommend it). Hubby makes the supplier refund his money, and pay for converter to be reco'd. (Which leaves us without a car over the weekend and most probably the next week as well) Hubby tells mechanic not to let truck driver go until he checks out this THIRD gearbox.
Meanwhile, I am so mad you can see steam shooting out of my ears, and Hubby is so stressed he feels sick (not good for his heart condition) and I want to strangle everyone who made my poor darlin' all stressed out.
Stupid, stupid incompetent dumbasses!
 We now have to catch a train into the city tomorrow and walk to the hospital for my IVF scan. The only good thing about tomorrow is that we are going to our favourite Japanese Restaurant "Bishamon" for lunch. They make the BEST food and only cost $20 to feed all three of us.


  1. I love piece-of-shit cars but sometimes they are the devil (and so is the whole maintenance process).

  2. I LOVE THIS! This is certainly a post for the Bitchography! Perfect and right up my alley!! I agree. Lemon cars are a total pain in the ass. You think you're getting a good value but what the seller doesn't tell you in the buying process could fill a book and make you a millionaire!! I think I may just have you as a guest blogger when I get that feature up. PERFECT!!

  3. @ Rachel I would LOVE to be a guest blogger on your page, and welcome to mine. Update on the lemon... Gearbox we thought was finally the good one, turns out it isnt. So we had to get the mechanic source a second-hand one for us.. AND get that dumbass supplier to repay ALL our money back. He also had the hide to tell us that WE would have to get the dodgey gearbox back to him! A**hole!


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