Nov 24, 2010

Beauty is all Around - A poem

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Beauty is all around

When life is not being kind
I escape inside my mind
And rejoice in what my thought brings
The beauty in the smallest things
Sleeping kittens, tiny and new
Golden sunlit morning dew
Flowers glistening after rain
A gentle flickering candle flame

A dragonfly on gossamer wings
Pond ripples in perfect rings
Sparkling silver moonlit trails
Left by common garden snails

Then I think of beauty more grand
Like southern beaches with pale sand
Reflections on water from city lights
Clear and crisp star filled nights

A rainbow stretched across the sky
Black thunderclouds rolling by
A gentle flowing forest stream
White capped mountains with peaks extreme

So when you are full of sadness and doubt
Open your eyes and look about
And you will see what I have found
There is beauty all around.


©copyright SWestlake 2007


  1. so true! yes, beauty IS all around if we just look for it and are open to it!
    Loved your gorgeous photo and loved the poem!

  2. I tried uploading one of MY photos but it wouldnt let me. I had to borrow this one from Photobucket.

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