Nov 28, 2010

What Makes a Great Person?

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What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

A lot of people have a different opinion on what makes a person Great. My husband and I have differing points for example.
Take Jessica Watson. The young teenage girl who sailed solo around the world and has just recently received a “Young Australian of the Year” award.  My hubby says that there are far more deserving young Aussies who should have received this award. He said that there are hundreds of people out there, who, every day devote their time, a lot of it voluntary, to help out the disadvantaged, disabled and the many charity organizations out there with no thought of reward, or recognition. He says all Jessica did really was sail a boat and get loads of media exposure for it.
While I agree with him that there are many unsung heroes out there, I believe that what makes a person great to be a much easier role to fill. I believe that ANYONE, who inspires ANYONE else to do something that they only ever dreamed of, is a great person.  Who knows who was watching Jessica achieve her dreams and then went out and did something great themselves because they believed that they could do it if she could? We all had that one teacher at school who we really connected with and who we remember later on as the one who inspired us to write, or paint etc…  Even a stranger passing us on the street who offers someone a random act of kindness will inspire us to do the same to someone else.
No matter how big or small these acts of greatness are, if they inspired just one person to make a difference in their lives, then I say that person is truly great.


  1. Thank you for the thought provoking post. I agree with you. It is having the courage to pursue one's dream or as you said to motivate someone else to do something that they maybe would never have done.
    Thank you for a post that made me THINK!
    Cat Chat

  2. I think both you and your husband are correct. Sometimes a great person gets a lot of attention and this takes the focus away from those unsung heroes. And sometimes it's the "sung" heroes that inspire good. Mostly, I think, whatever the source, it's all good.

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