Nov 23, 2010

Yes I'm talking about my Embryo. Again.

Embryo - day four

This is the picture the IVF clinic made of my little embryo. Isn’t she pretty? Lol…
We got to the clinic today and spoke to one of the scientists. She told us that the embryo has kept on developing overnight and now has 9 cells! It had 8 when it was defrosted. So she/he has continued growing.  That is promising.
The implant went well. Now the embryo will float around in there for a couple of days, and then my body somehow detects that it’s there and will start the process of attaching it to the uterus wall. Hopefully. That’s the plan anyway. I have to wait to take the pregnancy blood test until the 7th of December. My period is due before that, so if I do (please no) get them then I will know sooner that it didn’t work.
Also, we FINALLY got our car back. Actually working. With air-con! It’s been two weeks and one day. I am so glad we have it back, it was really starting to stress us out (and I REALLY don’t need the stress right now) because we were starting to think that maybe we would have to get a new car and we are so broke right now. It’s a big weight off our shoulders.
You know how I said I Barry White-ed a pumpkin? Well…now we have EIGHT! We’re going to be up to our ears in pumpkins! And the vine is still growing like mad, and making its way round the whole back yard. Taking over everything. (Like Trifids) I tell you, if I ever lose my son I’ll know the first place to look.


  1. I didn't know pumpkins could get this busy.

  2. When they have "Help" apparently they do! lol

  3. This whole embryo implantation is fascinating! I wish you so much luck and love with it! Keep the posts comin' on this one!

  4. @ Rachel, Thankyou so much! Yeah I find it interesting to. I'm going to keep updating on here, even if people get bored and sick of it... LOL!

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