Nov 12, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award *insert shy giggle here*

Well thanks to my wonderful fellow blogger, Caren at Cat Chat I received a Stylish Blogger Award. I don't know whether I am all that stylish but it's very much appreciated since I haven't been on Blogger for very long.
Rules of posting the reward are now for me to reveal seven things about myself so here goes... no laughing.

1. I am very creative and love to draw, paint and even do a bit of photography.
2. I am petrified of... FEATHERS!! Bleh! (one time we were passed on the highway by a chicken truck and had to follow it for the next few kilometres with feathers flying out the back of it *shudder* Hubby thought it was hilarious)
3. I am losing my sight in my left eye and the doctors don't know why. I have only about 40% vision left in it.
4. Going blind is one of my biggest fears. Apart from feathers that is.
5. I have this ability to be able to read a persons character straight away. So I know right off if someone is up to no good.
6. When I eat I have to have my food ratio right. Like the same amount of chips, and vegetables as my meat. Yeah I know, weird.
7. My favourite chocolates are Ferraro Raffaello's even though they arnt chocolate.

Now I'm supposed to name 15 of my favourite blogs to send the award on to, but since I'm only new on here I think I'll give it a miss. This time. Because those on my blog list I think all rock, so if you want to repost this award then it will be up to you. Do the picture thiny, thank and link it back to me, and do your 7 things about me bit. Believe me when I say I love your blogs (which I read every one of them) and love it when you visit mine.


  1. Feathers don't freak me out but turkeys definitely do. I enjoy your blog too. Your writing voice is very honest.

  2. OMG feathers????!! I love it!!!

    I am so sorry about your vision...that made me so sad. I pray that the doctors can find the cause and remedy the situation...
    You have a wonderful attitude/aura and I am going to pray that you will be just fine!

  3. @dbs Well in truth I am a very honest person, I couldn't lie to save my life!

    @ Caren Yes Feathers. A constant sorce of amusement for my son and hubby. Thankyou for your kind words about my eye.

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