Oct 26, 2010

The Funk, and Betty

Ok, first of all, "Normal" font size isn't NORMAL.  Large is NORMAL. "Normal" is... well, just there to mess with my head, and make me pull a squinty face at the screen.
I’m still in my funk. Things are just determined to piss me off lately.
We got our car back from the mechanics, and the damned thing still isn’t fixed. I told hubby to find another mechanic, and he has finally agreed with me (like he should have in the beginning because I am female and therefore: Right)
Also hubby is going in for his surgery in less than a month. He will be recovering for about 6 weeks after. Any surgery is worrying, but hubby has a heart condition so it’s even more stressful.
So I don’t know when we are doing our last IVF. What with hubby’s surgery… I don’t know. It’s actually quite depressing to think about. I was sad when the first one didn’t work. Now I have this part inside of me that doesn’t want to try this last one, for fear it won’t work. If it stays there in its frozen little vile, it’s still a chance isn’t it? You know what I mean?
We decided at the last minute to give our son a birthday party and invite some of his school friends as a “farewell” for him. It’s theme is “Ben Ten”. I got my fingers working and churned out eight cool “Omnitrix” invite cards in about two hours.  Hubby and son are making a spikey alien shaped Piñata. When they are finished I’m painting it all alien-y.
Son has started home schooling. So far it’s been ok, he seems quite happy and we have adjusted to the routine quite well.  Hang on….
Was listening to Jona Lewie and given the mood I’m in I opted to turn it off, instead of shooting my speakers. Replaced him with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Just about the coolest  swing band ever and always lifts my mood.
So we have now got all the steel we need to start on the chopping and raising of the roof of the bus. Hubby is fabricating up some jigs to sit the roof on while we fill in the gap with flat steel. I say we but I mean “Me” as I’ll be doing the welding.  And we are making new steel bases for our bus seats to sit on. We are having a bench seat in the front and two single ones behind, on either side of the engine bay cover. We took the two single seats out of our old ford falcon (R.I.P Rambo) before we sold it for scrap. They are great seats. We haven’t found the bench seat yet, because we want one with a dickey seat (fold down) in the middle.

Floor removed, derusted, and primed

The Forman, asleep on the job. Typical
From the bowls of hell.... it rises! Old 172 Holden red we affectionalty nicknamed "Mother F**ker"

New 202 Gem engine. We love her, isn't she pretty? lol..


  1. OHHHHH MYYYYYY you have A LOT going on in your life right now.
    I pray your husband's surgery goes well....
    Don't give up on your IVF........
    Wow all the construction!
    You are one patient lady!!
    Thinking of you!

  2. Thanks Caren. I'm not going to give up, I won't forgive myself if I don't let this last little embryo have a chance.

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