Aug 13, 2011

Fayophobia: Fear of elves.

Fayophobia: Fear of elves.
So where were these said elves, that someone was so frightened of them that the medical community felt obliged to invent a word for that fear? I mean, in case anyone out there suddenly discovered that they had also developed a fear of these fae.  It’s not like you would be walking down your average suburban street and be set upon by a pack (is that even the right word for them? Group? Mob? Gaggle?) of elves. You’d more likely be attacked by a band of marauding space monkeys.
Take this news story in 2010:
 A man charged with uttering death threats on Facebook armed himself with high-powered weapons because he feared he was being stalked by elves, a Montreal court was told Wednesday.
Quebec provincial police told David Abitbol’s bail hearing that he told a friend on the Internet that his .12-gauge shotgun was just what he needed to kill the mythical creatures.
Someone should have informed this poor deluded man that elves did not make stalking people a hobby, because they were too busy defending Middle Earth from the clutches of Saruman the White and his evil pet eyeball, Sauron.
I’d be more fearful of being mugged by some Orcs. Given that there is a surplus of them in Middle Earth. I would think that jobs would be a little more harder to come by. Idle Orcs could not be a good thing. Next you will see them loitering in shopping malls, Graffiting trains, and mugging old ladies of their pension money. That’s the more likely scenario if you ask me. Make a phobia for THAT one medicos!

Personally, if I came upon an elf I would promptly ask him if he knew Legolas and where it was I would find him.

Am I right Ladies?


  1. Haldir all the way! Just sayin'... :P

  2. Love the new look, just gorgeous.
    Not all that familiar with LOR but I agree about Legolas. Nice :)

  3. A message brought to you by the (SFMCA): Sprites, Fairies & Mythical Creatures Association.

    Thank You.

  4. This is what happens when someone hallucinates without knowledge.

    Shotguns are for zombies, iron for elves.I mean, really?!

    Apparently Legolas will be in the Hobbit.

  5. People hallucinate the strangest

    *shakes head and pats unicorn lounging on the couch*

  6. @Ruth nnnnyeeah.. he's Okaaay.. 'Twas sad when he died.
    @Mynx Thanks!
    @Vinny the SFMCA thanks you.
    @Ant I know right! People should be better informed.
    @Chocolateangel So true, So true. *shoos pixies away from computer screen*

  7. If I saw an elf I would be forced to order another beer because it would clearly indicate that I was not drinking enough.

  8. @Ant and Sprite - Orlando Bloom is most definitely returning to the Hobbit. He's not in the book, but they do visit his home, and PJ is expanding the film from whats in the book :)

  9. Please don't think all people in Canada are like your example. *typing this under his desk because he's sure there's an elf hiding in the ceiling fan right now*

  10. @Laoch lol, good one.
    @Ruth I am looking forward to it. The hobbit was the only book of his that I read.
    @dbs hmm, yeah I don't know about you Canadians...;)

  11. Nope, no fear here and yeah send over that cute one when you find him, k?

  12. @Laoch, what about a leprechaun?

    @Ruth, LOTR remains the masterpiece of fantasy, but I liked the additions PJ made. Looking forward to his Hobbit interpretation.

    Sprite,lol. "pet-eyeball". Sauron might roll it.

  13. @Nubian no! He's mine! LOL!
    @Ant hehee

  14. Absolutely! There are no elves in downtown Philadelphia!

  15. I would also like to know who felt we needed the term, "fayophobia". Am I that much out of the loop?


  16. Elves don't stalk's the other way around!

  17. @Al so no Legolas then...?
    @K9Friend I know right?
    @Carole well maybe this human :)

  18. I'm afraid of elves...You know, as in those creepy characters from kids movies? Sort of like clowns...they scare me.


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