Aug 26, 2011

Sprite is Back.

Physically (not so much) and mentally( even less). 
Things I learnt while travelling...

  • Driving for 24 hours straight does things to me. And not in a good way. Stabbing Husband seems like more fun.
  • I realised that the fluffy bits of brown and white road-kill were once bunnies :(
  • Kangaroos wait until you are coming right at them before they decide to jump across the highway.
  • Being stuck in a freezing cold car, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere for 2 and a half hours while they clear the highway of a truck accident does things to me. And not in a good way.(btw the driver was fine)
  • Having to drive through...feathers....after the truck in front of you has mowed down a bird is not fun.
  • Sleep is good. It is your friend.
  • Being in a confined space after having a coffee is not good, for two reasons 1) when you need to pee while being stuck on a highway, in the middle of nowhere (re: truck accident), your Hubby is mortified when he has to hold a towel around you while you squat beside the car. (uncontrollable giggling on your part does not make him any more impressed). And 2) The extremely putrid fart you do later is enough to lay a whole town to waste. (my lactose intolerance) Immediate evacuation is required. No matter how cold it is outside.
  • Never EVER use a truck rest stop toilet. Ever.... never ever. (The story is too horrible to tell)
  • There's no place like home...There's no place like home....


  1. I feel your pain - school camp to Queensland once, forty kids in a bus on the way up, toilet in the back of the bus, one person decides its an option they must use in the middle of the night. Hope you have a good long recover this weekend!

  2. Oh the downside of road trips. I still have nightmares of Hubby and I driving cross-country from Indiana to Oregon...

  3. Next time you're thinking about a nice long relaxing car trip across the country...remember this one...Dorothy!! LOL All jokes aside, welcome back!

  4. Wow, sounds like you had a blast. It's funny, I've heard kangaroos are like that. Here we have deer and elk that do the same thing... so annoying.

  5. Welcome back:)
    24 hours straight?
    Hope you slept well.

  6. Roos can be a bloody nightmare when you are road tripping.
    Glad you got home safely.

  7. @Ruth yep lots of!
    @Chocolateangel I know.. never again.
    @Poetess Yeah I know, I know! and thanks!
    @Paul they would make a bigger mess of your car as well I suspect.
    @Ant Thanks. had a good 4 hour sleep.
    @Mynx I'm glad they didn't try it when I was driving. Thanks:)

  8. I dread the day I have a long car trip with a nagging wife ant 2 fussy kids. An hour of that is about all I can tolerate!

  9. Ha! I'm laughing with you not at you. Promise.

  10. @Dan hey, welcome to my page, thanks for following :) I don't nag. I tell ;)

  11. Oh, Lord, you had me laughing ridiculously!!!! Ooh, the having to go to the bathroom in a road jam is The. Worst. Nightmare. Ever. While on the road, you really realize how much you value the toilet (even if it is an evil beast that likes to overflow onto your toes at 4 a.m.).

  12. @Frisky I was doing just the same at the time. Hubby was not!


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