Aug 8, 2011

Piggies! and Head Lice!

So my parents are totally enjoying their stay on the Cattle station. Apparently my Dad has been hooning around on the quad bike with the young farm hand, feeding cows, fixing fences and fishing in the dam in their spare time. He is loving it. Mum is enjoying her time as well. The other morning she discovered the big sow had delivered 10 piglets during the night. She said there were little pink things running everywhere. Well 10 soon became 15! (all I can say is... OW!)

My son got something else at Karate the other night other than a new belt.... A COLD! Poor little man is not well. Sniffling and coughing :( Don't you hate it when your kids get sick? And of course I have to be extra careful I don't catch it, so I'm not sick while in Melbourne. I am dosing both of us with Olive Leaf Extract. At least he doesn't have head lice. Our Bro-in-Law came over the next night for "Xbox game night" and informed me that his daughter was infested with them! EEP! Instantly my own head started itching. (No I don't have them thank god! My hair is SO SO long, can you image trying to get rid of those evil little suckers from long hair? Believe me, it HURTS like a SoaB!) I went throughout my ENTIRE childhood without once getting Head Lice. When my son was 8 he brought them home from school and BAM! I couldn't believe it. I actually rang my mum in a panic..... "MUUUUM! I've found this thing in ***'s hair!"
"That's Lice dear"
Damned feral children....


Oh BTW do you like my new look?


  1. You have a new theme!!! I like it! :D
    And yes, definitely don't want to be sick when your down here in Melbourne town!

  2. Glad your parents are having a good time. I remember my time on the farm too. She's clearly enjoying the pigs more than I did!! ^_^ Hope your son feels better soon...Okay, off to check out your new "diggs"! :-]

  3. Love the new look!

    Head lice = Eek! Fortunately, I've never had the displeasure.

  4. Like, like, like!
    Head lice suck.
    Poor little piglets :(

  5. Great new look Sprite!
    Lice definitely deserve the stink-eye.

  6. Great new template. I like.

    Sounds like your parents are making the best of it.
    Why is someone with insects coming to visit?
    Hope you don't catch either one.

  7. BTW, your new post wasn't coming up in blogroll.

  8. Love what you have done with the place. Fabulous.

    Head lice? Touch wood.

  9. @Ruth thanks! No definitely not! I want to be able to enjoy myself!
    @Poetess Mum says the Teenage Piggies are not so enjoyable.. She says they are little ratbags.
    @Vinny Thanks! They are horrid...
    @Carole thank you! I'm not sure what they do with the pigs, I didn't!
    @dbs thanks! Yes a big fat stinky eye!
    @Ant I am happy for them. LOL! He doesn't have hair so it's safe to say he couldn't bring them with him... Me to. OH? weird...
    @Nubian Thank you!

  10. Love the new look!

    Aww, poor little one! I hope he feels better really soon. :( Colds are no fun. :(

  11. @Frisky, aww thanks, he is still a little under the weather, but getting there. I'll be over to read your "trueBlood" review soon...

  12. maggie.danhakl@healthline.comJune 2, 2014 at 12:13 PM

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