Sep 20, 2011

Two days to go!

Have I mentioned how much I hate moving before?
I'm sure I have...
Well it's two days till moving day. We are nearly on track here. My feet are so sore, and I am so over packing. Not to mention al the dust! My allergies are going haywire. There are also bush fires all around south east Queensland and the smoke is heavy everywhere. Lungs are screaming at me. Can't wait to move to the lovely beach with clean cool air.
Moby is going to be looked after by my next door neighbour while we find somewhere better for him. There is  an animal shelter where we are moving that keep older pets instead of rehousing them. They keep them there and volunteers come and play/love them. I could volunteer and go see him and others whenever I wanted. Not to mention how cool it would be to work at an animal shelter. They DON'T euthanise. At all. Plus you are able to take your pet back. So maybe in six months time we will find a place that allows pets and I can get Moby back again.
The Honeyeaters are still sitting on their eggs. Hopefully they will hatch before our last day in this house, which is the 29th. I will bring my camera each day we come back here for garage sale and cleaning just in case.
anyway... back to it I guess :(


  1. I think the place that has the pet volunteers coming and loving the animals sounds like a great place for Moby! I'm sure the move is gonna be stressful on him too...Poor Honeyeaters. :-(

  2. Sounds like the move will be positive for you and the pet shelter is a great idea. Plus it will give you a nice way to meet other local people

  3. In amongst the mess, the dust, the worries you must be getting excited about you move to the ocean! Volunteering is a great idea and like Mynx said you'll meet other local people there. Moby would be happy there knowing you'll be visiting him often.
    Good luck with the garage sale!

  4. Your feet? Sprite, if you use your hands to pack it'll be much easier.;)

    Glad to hear about Moby.

    Ocean.Ocean.Ocean. Could be your new chant.

  5. Good Moby news. (Try saying that ten times quickly.)

  6. wishing you the BEST of luck and I think the situation with Moby sounds like a good one.

    does he know/like your neighbor?
    I like that if you put him in the no kill shelter you can get him back.

    I wish I lived there, I would help you out

  7. Hope it all goes well!

    Sound's like a good solution to Moby's plight. Hope you manage to get him back at some point.

  8. It's wonderful there is a place like that for Moby and you could see him whenever you like. He will surely be happy there and get lots of attention.

    Please don't think I've forgotten about the awards you gave to me--I will be posting them the first of the week. :)

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you during the move! *Hugs*


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