Sep 14, 2011

I'm going to be a Beach Bum...

We received a call from the real estate today. We got the unit we applied for, and it is just a short walk from the beach. So short that you wouldn't even break out in a sweat. It's a lovely two bedroom apartment, on the end of the complex, so we also have side windows, and a nice balcony to watch the waves. It also has a secured, garage underneath, where we can store most of our stuff. Even so we have had to downsize considerably. 
And we also can't have Moby. I'm pretty devastated, but there is strictly no pets allowed in the complex and Hubby and Son really wanted this unit. We are looking for a good home for him. There are a couple of things we are waiting to hear from. I've had him for ten years. Granted over those ten years he was living with my parents for some of that time, but he was still my kitty and I could visit him whenever I wanted. I wish my parents were still here so I could just hand him back to them. I can't give him to the lady that took my parents cat because then she'd be looking after two cats and a dog.  There is one lady who lives in the hinterland behind the beach who is animal crazy who may take him. She is the sister of a very good friend of ours.
Anyway...we are moving in just over a week (yeah that's how close we were getting), and having a mega garage sale on the weekend. The house is full of boxes, and I hate it. 
On the flip side, I discovered that giant rolls of bubble wrap are FUN.

In other news...
The honeysuckle, that is actually a honeyeater, is still sitting on her two eggs. I'm not sure if they are going to hatch before we leave though. I found out that they are a little family who live in this area and apparently they nest in that particular bush every year. Damned crazy birds! I am going to miss my little wren family as well. I haven't seen any nice birds at the beach except for crows, Ibis's and seagulls. And while crows are sometimes amusing to watch, they aren't the same as my cute little twittering wrens. Ibis's are ugly and seagulls are basically rats with wings. 

So that is my story at the moment. Happy but sad. 


  1. Moving is always such a stressful time. I hope your garage sale is successful and you find a nice new home for your kitty.

    I love the beach, just walking the sand is so soothing

  2. WOW! This is some fast move!! I hope it all goes very smoothly for you.

  3. UGH, moving! We only moved less than two months ago & the place still doesn't feel like 'home' yet. Sucks that you have to give up Moby. We had to give away Ash, our little black dog, on one of our moves too. Hope you get him a nice place where he can be happy.

    On the plus side, how awesome is it that the beach would be so close by?

  4. I feel the same (happy and sad) for you. We had to leave our ancient kitty behind with our last move. It was good to know she was loved by the people who moved into our house.

    Good luck with the garage sale. I hope everything sells and you make heaps of money!

  5. Glad you found something so quick.

    Moby. :(((

  6. I would never give up one of my dogs for a new place to live!

    Family is family ... no matter how many legs they have.

    I hope Moby finds a good home.

  7. @Mynx I plan on doing a lot of beach walking.
    @poetess It was, thank you:)
    @Vinny it's so close... it's awesome!
    @Carole Thank you :)
    @Ant Me to, really it was our only option. I know :(
    @dbs Thank you :(
    @Symdaddy I understand, but we have no choice, I already feel bad enough. I love Moby to bits. :(

  8. I just finished a move. I don't envy you. Sorry about your Moby. Your blog is so pretty. Love the header!

  9. Ah the beach. Starting to turn colder here in the Northern Hemisphere. That, and the prospect of a Charlie Sheen-less "Two and a Half Men" has given me the blues.
    But, at least I'm not moving. Moving sucks.

  10. @One Fantastic Housewife! If we could have stayed where we were we would have.. Thank you so much for your lovely comments :)
    @Al We are just in time for the warmer weather. Cool breezes off the ocean and good swimming :) I don't think I can watch "Two and a Half Men" with Ashton in it :/

  11. Very sorrowful. I hope you find a good home for Moby.


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