Sep 2, 2011


So the first day we arrive at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, we are let through the gates a little early, before the safari drive part of it is opened. We parked at the main building, and, walking over to it I see a lake with two little islands in the middle of it. On one island are Spider Monkeys and on the other are... LEMURS! they are in an area where you don't even have to pay to see them! 
Family forgotten, and with the hugest grin on my face I make for the Lemurs, one hand in my bag digging my camera out. There they are. Sitting in a perfect little line, warming themselves in the morning sun. I am complete. 
I have seen Lemurs. 


  1. It's King Julian from Madagascar! lol

  2. Ohhhhh! How cute!!! :-) Now I have a smile on my face too!!

  3. Lemurs have such a cool society. Gotta love them.

  4. @Dan lol.. "Feel free to bask in my glow"..
    @Leslie they certainly are.
    @Poetess COOL!
    @Paul I know, love watching them.

  5. Looks like a bunch of old dudes sitting on a bench.:)


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