Sep 9, 2011

Probably the most annoying thing ever...

And the Award goes to....
Yes. We found out the other night that we have just three weeks to find a new place to live, and then move into said new place. GAH! 
We knew we would have to move eventually. As the owner of this house wants to sell it. And we knew that he was coming here to do some fixing up and renovations before he put the place on the market. We just thought we would have a wee bit more time to organise things. But three weeks?! Freaking out. 
We have changed our minds about where we want to move to a dozen times. Stay here, go to Melbourne, move closer to Brisbane..... 
In the end we had one decision.
Cold and arty, or
Sunny and Beachy.
I am going to live here! Well not exactly THERE, but you know what I mean...

Sunny and Beachy won. YAY! We are moving to beautiful Caloundra. Our favourite holiday spot which we always say we want to live at when we are there. Yes. We are going to be beach bums. Pretty much true as it's going to be a little more expensive, but worth it for the life style. Moving to the beach feels like going home to me. I grew up at the beach when I was little. I think I could pretty much swim before I could

Anyway.. I am going to be super busy. And then have to sort out all the new internet things, and so on. So if you don't here from me for a while please don't write me off. I am still alive.. hehee

Stupid honeysuckle has laid two eggs. I had convinced myself one night to go down the next day and destroy the nest before any eggs were laid. Because I couldn't bear the thought of the owner and all his workers clumping past the nest and destroying the eggs, or even worse, the chicks. Well I was too late. I looked in the nest the next day and Mum is sitting on two eggs. DAMMIT! AND it rained all day today. Dumb Assed Bird! Hopefully they will be hatched before we go. 
Well that's it for me...back to packing..


  1. I'm 'feeling for you' on this one! *smh* I HATE matter where we moved to! But hey! If you gotta gotta go! And to the beach is not such a bad way to go! :-) Happy packing!!

  2. Hopefully your move will be trouble free. Here is an Irish blessing to guide your way:

    “May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”

  3. 3 weeks is entirely too short a time to uproot one's entire household and move. I wish you much luck. Moving is very stressful for me, so I try not to have to do it too often. :) Of course, sometimes life has other ideas for one's carefully made plans.

    But, hey! At least you've got the beach to look forward to. Makes it almost worth it, no?

  4. Yikes, just 3 weeks?!?

    Beach, beach, beach!

    Here is to a new beginning.

  5. 3 weeks? Wow, that's borderline criminal. It's cool (or should I say warm?) that you're moving to a beach city though. That'll be fun. Anyway, have fun packing. :)

  6. Lucky you moving to sunny and beachy. You can turn it into arty! 3 weeks isn't long but if you're going to be beach bums what more do you need than sunglasses and a towel?

  7. Oh, what short notice - how I hate that!! Am glad you and your family were able to find something...ahhhh, the beach! How wonderful! And just in time for your spring and summer too :-)

    Good luck with your move. Look forward to seeing you back when everything's all settled in!

  8. @Poetess thank you.:)
    @Laoch I've always loved that Irish blessing :)
    @David very stressful, especially if you don't have a place to move into yet..!!
    @Ant YES! It will be great (she tries to convince herself..)
    @Paul I know right? but we had no choice. Can't live in a house being renovated.
    @Carole I wish it were that simple. I'd be living there
    @Chocolateangel I know, so annoying, but like I said we had no choice. Thank you :)

  9. everything happens for a reason, you were given a small window of time so that you could make a decision from your HEART!

    I am sorry you have to move so quickly but I am THRILLED that you get to move somewhere that you are DELIGHTED with!

    Best of luck!

  10. Good luck with the move girl! Man, I hate moving, but where you are going to end up looks absolutely beautiful!!! Oh a sunny beach, can I move in with you!!!

  11. I'm so sorry you have to move--it's one of the worst things! BUT...oh my heavens is that a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL place to move to!!!!! In this case, I think the pain of moving is worth it!!!

  12. Not fun moving. Need wine? I have an award for you on my blog. :~)

  13. @Caren when you put it that way it doesn't seem so bad... A decision from the heart.. I like it :) thank you xxx hug
    @Average girl.. I'm sure we can squeeze you in somewhere!
    @Frisky Yes it is very much worth it :)
    @Nubian I have wine on! an award? THANKS!

  14. It seems just like you Sprite to have so much do in the next three weeks but you are worried more about saving those birds.
    You're just good.
    Glad the beach is in your future.

  15. @dbs, I can't help it. It's just who I am. And thank you.

  16. ohhhh Caloundra is lovely, well it was last time i was there about 15 years ago lol

    I hate packing.....feel for you big time!!!

    My lorrie laid 2 eggs this week, she hates me now, I can't get int he cage her and her pair, biting..ouch.

    oh something for you over at my blog :)

  17. @IWBY The people there are so nice, must be the sea
    Oh how cool, hope they hatch!
    OK, cool I'm on my way..


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