Jan 25, 2011

Moby's round the world trip.

I found these stuffed under Moby's bedding. I don't know how he did it or why every place he visited seemed to be in miniature but, well, here is the evidence.

Leaping over the Great Wall

Terrorising Italy

Fuzzy Sphynx. I hope he didn't use Giza as a giant litter box!

Not even New York was safe!


  1. I honestly laughed out loud. These are awesome.

  2. Sprite, my apologies: Paulsifer42 could you enable Name/URL?

  3. Ha! Ha! Moby certainly gets around!

  4. @Paul Glad you liked them! It was fun making them.
    @A&G LOL! Thats alright, I'll ask him for you if he dosen't read this.
    @Poetess He does. I'm still trying to get him to explain himself!
    @Sherilin I got no souvenirs either.

  5. @A and G
    I'm about to open myself to people knowing how little I know about this, but uh, how do you do that? And... what is it?

  6. It's ok. I showed him how to do it :)

  7. Thanks Sprite. A&G, comment away. :)

  8. Sprite, that was very kind of you. Thanks. I'll probably join the blogging world, even if it's just to be part of such an amazing and supportive group.
    As soon as I figure out how to get blogger to do what I want. :)

  9. OMC these are hilarious!!!!!! You are sooo talented! I know Brian at "Brian's Home" does this and you guys are so technologically savvy to figure it out!
    Loved these!

  10. These are great. When will Moby come to Canada? I know. Make him ride a moose.

  11. @Caren I knew you would love them..LOL! I kind of bumble around the program but I am stubborn enough to keep at it till it's exactly the way I want.

    @dbs I will have to see if I can find more photos.. maybe he stashed some more somewhere :)

    @A&G I hope you do start one soon!

    @A&G and Paul glad you two have it sorted out.. LOL!

  12. This is kind of horrifying...and adorable all at the same time.


  13. @ZP Glad you like them. Hi! Welcome to my page:)


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