Jan 28, 2011


Being a self taught crocheter it can take me a while to 'get' a pattern. All the different abbreviations, and they are written like they think you know what they are on about, even the beginner patterns. So it took me a few goes to figure them out but I finally mastered BOOKWORMS! Don't laugh! I'm excited and have been making them since. My son and niece loved theirs and my little nephew thought his was great, even though he called it a snake. I made one for my Mum in a fatter yarn and will be sending it to her soon. I just love the way their little bodies spiral as you make each stitch. I enthusiastically showed them to Hubby who answered me by saying..
"They are great but what is the point of them?"
I could say the same thing about your stupid meatball scissors!
Men. They just don't get it.


  1. They're cute!!!!!! What other point is there? :D

  2. Bookworms. I get it. They are cute. I mean whimsical and encourage children to read. :)

  3. That looks like a great pal to have watching over you at school!


  4. They are pretty cool.

    Did you say "meatball scissors"?

    PS: Got a blog award over here for you.

  5. I love them...especially the little eyes!!...Ahhh! What are meatball scissors??!!! ^_^ And why would anybody cut a meatball?! {F.Y.I., I did a whole post today on the basics of crocheting! Funny that you had this post at the same time! :-))}

  6. Sorry to agree with your other half, but what IS the point of them?

    Really ... I won't tell him!

  7. I just don't think we fully appreciate the cuteness factor. Like when my wife and I were looking at strollers, I was looking for one that was really safe and usefull, she was a little more concerned about how cute they were. I thought the baby would make them cute enough...

  8. I'm a man who loves the arts and I get it. Good work.

  9. I'm a self-taught crocheter too (although I confess I haven't done it in years), but my daughter is learning to knit at school and it's given me the bug to learn. I may just get back to my crocheting and add knitting too!

  10. LOL! How adorable! These would be perfect for kids to stick in their books!

    I remember back when I first learned how to crochet. My grandma taught me the basic chain stitch, but being very busy didn't have much time to show me more. Got lucky enough to find a booklet with very clear instructions to start learning more; unfortunately, I had difficulty with the abbreviations. To the point that I even thought I might be dyslexic! But I did eventually figure them out :-) Been crocheting now for nearly 23 years now ;-)

  11. I'm risking my butchness and manliness by saying this, but don't really care. Let's face it, I never really did. Regardless, it needs to be said.

    These are adorable! You could just eat them up with a spoon!


  12. they are soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!! You could use them as bookmarks!!!

    How did your test go? Email me if you want to! xoxo

  13. @A&G That's exactly what they are supposed to be!
    @K9friend I agree
    @VinnyC Yep Meatball scisors - read about them at "What the? - Great balls!" in January. OO! An award? I'm on it!
    @JD They are
    @Poetess THey are cute hey? Meatball scissors are not for cutting them, they are for shaping them!
    @Symdaddy.. honestly! LOL!
    @Haven Hey welcome, they are!
    @Paul lol cuteness factor.
    @dbs you are so very cool!
    @Hannah I can knit but only one sort and its boring to me, but I love to crochet!
    @ChocAngel I just decided one day to try it. Found a book with the basic stitches in it, then found magazines at the library with better pictures in it.
    @UDude YOU ROCK! :)
    @Caren It went ok, I'll email you (HUGS)


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