Jan 23, 2011

If only - A poem

Time for another poem. I know, it's been a while. This one was written a few years ago. Enjoy.

If only
Sometimes we say if only
Like we really want to know
If life would be so changed
If done different years ago

If only I’d studied harder
I would have passed that test
If only I’d ran faster
And beaten all the rest

If only I had taken time
To get to know you better
If only I had called you
Or written you a letter

If only we had talked
A little more each day
I would not have felt so empty
When you suddenly went away

If only we were not
In such a hurry to live
If only we opened our hearts
We’d have more love to give


  1. That was lovely to read :) Talented much, haha? I didn't know you wrote poetry too!

  2. WOW! I didn't know you wrote poetry too!! And it's a good one too!...If only I had known! ^_^

  3. @ Ruth and Poetess.. yep, I do! LOL! I have a whole book of them. I've posted a few on here as well if you want to look for them. :) This is the first for 2011. The rest were posted last year.

  4. You're talented indeed.

  5. @Poetess... I just got your "If only" at the end.. LOL! (I'm not normally this slow :)

  6. Holy cow sweetie.. I was reading your post below and wow you have a lot on your plate darlin! Not that you are asking for it or anything or even alluding to it or anything.. but Hugs to you!!!

  7. @Average Girl Aww.. you are sweet, thankyou very much. hugs back :)


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