Jan 13, 2011


Well we went ok through the river peek. It turned out to be not as bad as the 1974 floods, but still people around the corner from us lost everything. I feel so bad for everyone who lost houses, and stuff. But I feel worse for people who have lost loved ones, and for the people who still have loved ones missing. Its devistating.
Our town was cut in two by the river flooding over the bridges. The central business district went under water. The big shopping centre underground car park is still under water. House are lost, under water, washed away. We lost our power for nearly three days. We managed to save most of our frozen food, but anything in our fridge we had to throw away. Two days ago we drove around looking for ice. We went to one fuel station and they were out. The next fuel station was closed but someone had opened the ice freezers. (probably broke the locks) and people had taken the ice. Some honest people had put the money under the door. We managed to get the last two bags and left a note and our phone number. Hubby felt really bad taking the ice without paying for it. I though it was kind of funny. But we WILL pay for it. As soon as a staff member gets back to the station.
So because we were without power for so long, we were able to get a government grant to replace food and other items we lost. The government is giving grants to anyone who needs it.
But you know, there are so many people who are so worse off than us. We felt so blessed to get off as easily as we did. We decided to invite all of our neighbours over for a bbq tonight. It was really nice. We sat around and had a hot meal, and some good conversations.
So the worst is over so to speak. The clean-up begins. And the heartbreaking task of find the bodies of those who are missing. I cant even imagine what that would be like.
There is a bridge way down there somewhere

This house went completely under at the peek.

Moby moves to higher ground.


  1. Pleased to hear you are OK.

    My sympathies to all those who have suffered the loss of loved ones!

  2. @Symdaddy Thankyou. The loss is horrible, and the not knowing about the ones still missing is unbearable. I feel for these people.

  3. Watching this on the news is devastating enough, I can't imagine what it must actually be like up there. Anna Bligh has impressed me so much over these past few days as have the Queenslanders themselves with how they are dealing with it. I'm so glad you came through it okay, I hope these floods continue to recede.
    Thoughts and love to everyone.

  4. so glad you are ok...those photos are so sad....I hope the others will be ok. This is just awful!

  5. Glad to hear you're okay!

    My irrelevant WV was "savul". Save all :)

  6. Thanks everyone. We are still pretty isolated here but at least our power is on and we've been able to clean up most of the mess under our house (it got wet from the rain). Police are urging everyone to stay home, and not drive around, hampering recovery and cleanup efforts. Can you believe people are actually coming here to see the floods? Idiots!

  7. It sounds like it's been very stressful. Happy you are well and respect your choice to be good neighbours.

  8. Wow, glad you're okay. Wish I could have gone to the bbq, just because I love it.

  9. @dbs and Paul, thanks. Yeah it was a funny old bbq with a mix of different odd stuff, but it was in very good company. We really like our neighbours now.

  10. I have many friends and family down under but so far luckily, very luckily no one has been affected by the flooding. As if Brisbane wasn't bad enough the poor people of Brazil are now suffering the same fate, what have we done to the worlds climate, looks like it is biting back. My thought are with you and your family/friends
    Helen x

  11. Hi! I'm a new follower. I wanted to send my love and greetings and say I'm so glad your family is okay after all of this! I live in the United States, but have been fretting for friends who live in Australia. {Flashbacks of New Orleans' disaster looming in my head.} Sending good thoughts.

  12. @Rumtruffle. I know I saw the footage of Brazil on the news. Hubby and I were commenting that the wall of water that swept through Toowoomba was just like how it happens over in Europe and then it happens in Brazil. So horrible.

    @Poetess Hi and welcome. Thankyou for your kind words. My family is not out of the woods yet. My parents are camping next to the Murry River down south and that's where the flood waters are heading.


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