Jan 21, 2011


I have to hang my head in shame for not acknowledging two people who recently gave me blog awards.
In my defence my home was under threat of becoming a swimming pool, and we didn't have power for DAYS! (Is that a good enough excuse?)
Firstly this one from jdracecar, a lovely lady who writes the funniest pieces about her daily life and mishaps. Go and have a read of her page. I know you'll love it.

Second was this one from one of the most wonderful person I have had the honour to know. Caren at Caren and Cody's Cat Chat Is amazing. Her dedicated followers are testament to how lovely and kind she is. Her blog is a lovely surprise every time I visit. If you are a pet lover I recommend it.

So thank you Caren and JD for giving me these nice awards. I know there are rules to these things but I'm not going to do the award 15 people thingy. I love all of the blogs I follow and I think its close to 15 anyway. If you want to take these awards and run with it then hey by all means, I think you all rock.
I will give a special mention to a few though, as well as Caren and JD here are a couple you will love, if you don't know them already.
dbs (My favourite Canadian)
Paul (always a pleasure reading your page, and you reply to everything!)
poetesswug (so very lovely and a fellow crochet nut!)

 I will tell you seven things about myself.

1. My son has Aspergers, Hubby is dying of heart disease and I am going blind in my left eye, and we are also going through IVF. PHEW! Now that that's over with I can say something a bit more not so depressing.

2. I haven't EVER broken any bones in my body. Officially indestructible!

3. once when I was little I picked up a lizard egg and it hatched in my hand. A bit gross but pretty cool anyway.

4. I really, really do NOT like ...feathers. Laugh if you want, but try having a fear of feathers and being stuck behind a chicken truck on the highway! I was traumatised dammit!

5. My eyesight my be crap but I have the BEST hearing in the world. My hubby can't mumble anything and not have me hear it.

6. I know the lyrics to a lot of songs. I mean A LOT. I can tell what a song is just in the first two seconds. My husband says if I could scoop out all the useless crap out of my head and fill it with good stuff, I'd be a genius.

7. When driving and I see random ducks I point and yell "DUUUUCKS!" except for when Hubby is in the car cause it scares the crap out of him. Then I whisper it.

So that's it. Thanks to everyone who visit my page.


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! I am howling with laughter here!!! Meaning about #4, 6 and 7. (Even though not everything in this post is funny. In fact that first one...WHEW! I am in awe of your sense of humor while all of this is going on...and I TOTALLY understand it!!!) #3...COOL!!! Thankfully it wasn't a "DUUUUUCK!!!" ^_^ {By the way, thanks for the shout out too}

  2. wait, you love ducks, but are scared of feathers? or maybe you don't like the ducks, you just feel the need to yell about them? because you're afraid they'll start molting?

  3. @Poetess Well if you let the bad stuff defeat you then whats the point hey?

    @Sherilin I like ducks, I think they are cute, I just dont want to have to touch their feathers...lol!

  4. you are beyond a sweetheart! You are the most kindhearted person that I have EVER had the pleasure of knowing! You touch my heart all of the time and I am beyond honored...I am also HONORED to call you my friend and I am sooo happy that we met!

    I love the new look of your blog...loved learning more about you......guess what? With everything else we have in common we share number 6.....my husband said if they ever bring back "name that tune" I should be on it!

    I think that lizard hatching in your hand was pretty darned cool, how many can claim fame to THAT!!??

    Love ya my friend!! Ohhhh we also share "evil sister-in-laws!!" lol (((((hugs)))))

  5. Ducks are cute. Geese are not. I don't like them at all. This is very awesome :) Congratssssss....ss..


  6. @Caren LOL! Thankyou for the comment on my new page. (I have another header made up with a surprise visitor featured in it that I will put up one day). I am glad we met and so happy to call you a friend to. ((HUGS))

    @Ruth Oh Geese! They are evil. And thanksssss!!

  7. Congrats on your awards. You're very deserving.
    You gave birth in your hand? Now that is cool.

  8. @A&G Thanks! I know right? It was a very special moment for a little girl. ;)

  9. GRATS on the awards!! You rock and deserve it!!

  10. Possibly two little girls. Geek alert: There are lizard species that are all female. They only give birth to daughters!

  11. @Rachel awww.. thanks!

    @A&G Cool. Amazonian Lizard Women...!

  12. I've been trying to remember the name, but there's a company started by mothers, whose children have Aspergers to find them gainful employment. One successful example is in the computer industry, where people with Aspergers excel at finding program errors. If you're interested I'll see if I can find the name.

  13. @A&G Oh yeah I watched a doco on that once. It was very interesting. My son is highly intelligent though. Pretty sure he will go to uni and do whatever he wants. Thats the thing with Aspergers people, they get obsessed with one thing and they excell at it. Maybe he will even put Bill Gates (he has Aspergers) out of business! LOL!

  14. Sprite, the article I read was about highly intelligent Aspergers, many of them are. Different, but highly functional. Didn't know Gates has it. You never know...:)

  15. @A&G Ah ok. Well if you remember what it was then let me know. If anything it would be interesting to read. Yeah there are quite a few famous Asperger people about. Most of them you would never know. An aweful lot go undiagnosed. We were lucky Our son had a very clued-on teacher in his third year. She pointed us in the right direction.

  16. And you are my favourite Australian. :) Thank you so much.

  17. Thanks for the shout out! That is so sweeet! I love it! Don't hang your head in shame, it doesn't matter when you posted it just that you did! I like your list, we put the down comforter on our bed in the winter and when the feathers poke through I always think they are a freaky brown bug! Hee hee, thanks for reading as always..

  18. @JD there is no way I'd have a down comforter on my bed.. *Shudders*


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