Jan 29, 2011

Pains, -something that rhymes with trains-, and Automobiles.

Yeah, I couldn't think of anything else in my post that rhymed with trains. But I thought it was a catchy title anyways. :)
I am so sick of cars. Seriously.
Hubby has finally decided that our piece of shit  Nissan has cost us way too much money to be spending any more on it and so we are going to sell it and get an older car. A Ford Cortina to be exact. The one we are driving out to see tomorrow is an ugly 1982 model. I actually want something OLDER like a ’72 that’s got a beautiful body. Like this one:

But no, he wants this ugly looking thing. (Not actually this one but you get the point). Sure it’s got a 2 litre engine and I’ll be able to hammer it, (once I learn how to drive manual) but it’s, well... Fugly! How embarrassing talking to my fellow Ford loving mates and telling them I have a CORTINA, getting them all excited, only to fess up its an 82. An 82! GAH!

For about a month now I’ve been getting heartburn that’s been really hard to get rid of. I’ve been getting it almost every day and it’s starting to do my head in! I Wikipedia’d it. Never Wikipedia medical conditions. NEVER. I’m calling the doctor on Monday.
I’m a real sook (sookie-la-la for Paul) when it comes to trying new food. For some reason when I was little I thought Veal was Deer, so I refused to eat it. Some time ago Hubby bought a piece of marinated veal and tonight he convinced me to try it. He cooked this SLAB of meat that looked like it was off a Dinosaur on the BBQ. I tried, I didn’t like. He can have his veal, I’ll have my pork thank you.
OH! I’d like to thank one of my newest followers VinnyC for giving me an award! Well three to be exact. I don’t want to appear greedy so I’ll post the “LOL” award and give him credit on the others on this page. Thanks so much Vinny! If you don’t know him go have a read of his stuff. It’s very good. I'm not going to follow the rules though, cause that's just the way I roll baby! (well, most times)

So that’s pretty much it for now, just a few random tidbits today. I’ve recently discovered a few more awesome blogs out there so I’m having a bit of a freak out that I’ll miss someone’s post, cause I can’t keep up or something. If I am neglecting you PLEASE let me know! I won’t be doing it on purpose!
Oh! One more thing. A couple of you asked what Meatball scissors were. This is them.
And yes, my husband ordered some. He now refuses to make me meatballs until they arrive. Big Meanie!
WANT.MEATBALLS!!!! NO MEATBALLS MAKE SPRITE ANGRY!! (watched Hulk the other night)


  1. Okay, lots to talk about. 1st, the meatball scissors look like melon ballers! I'm a cook and have never seen these. Thanks for the heads up! *Note to self: Make some meatballs for dinner*

    2nd, I know why you thought veal was deer. Because it starts with a "V", like venison, which is deer!

    3rd, definitely get that heartburn checked out!!!

    and last, I used to have a 1969 Ford Mustang with a hole in the floor instead of in the roof. LOL I LOVED it...and the others that I bought shortly thereafter, a 1972 and a 1980 Mustang as well!! Those old cars hook you!!!...But a Cortina?!...*I hear crickets* ^_^

  2. What color does Sprite turn?

    Your wish is my command. Really, I should hire you as my personal marketing director. (Ssssh.)

    My WV was luckee. I like.

  3. I'm on your husband's side with this one. I LOVE old, ugly, rusty vehicles. It's all I had as a young man. I'm not mechanical though so I can't maintain them myself so I have a new vehicle but I still long for a big rust hole in my door. Yeah I know. It's odd. Nostalgia I guess.

  4. @POETESS awww.. you eated meatballs? *sad face*
    When I told hubby about your mustangs he said "Why did she get rid of the 69?" lol..

    @ANT (this is what I shall call you :) hmm.. I think.... Hollywood Cerise. (wikipedia it)

    @dbs we had a look at it today and it was WAY too rusty. It sounded ok though, but too much work for us.

  5. Why, cause Ants are smaller than Sprites? So, my battle with the fae begins...:)
    I did. My paint palette has Alizarin Crimson, not very lightfast, but great for botanicals.

  6. @Ant... No because it was cute :)
    Alizarin Crimson is a good colour. One I have in my box of paints.

  7. Cute? I've been called worse :)
    Left you a recommendation in my comments.

    I have a blogger question. Do you have a public email?

  8. Good luck with the car shopping. That's always a nerve-wracking experience.


  9. God, please tell me the cyclone isn't coming near you :( 2011 is turning into a bad year for Queenslanders....

  10. @Ruth, no it's not but I have friends and family in Mackay. Hopefully they wont be affected too much.

  11. @K9friend. I know, but the car turned out to be too rusty for us to fix.


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