Jan 6, 2011

Completely boring post about nothing really (for want of a better name)

OOOK.. so I didn't go back to the gym yesterday. My muscles were so distraught about having to actually work that they protested and I couldn't have lifted a Chihuahua let alone weights. So I gave it a rest for a day and dutifully went today instead. I was there a whole hour this time. Actually doing stuff to.
I'm still not game enough to run on the treadmill. I have discovered that I can actually run, well more like a rambling plod. But that is on nice solid ground. Ground that doesn't keep moving even though you stop. Which is why I am hesitant to dial the speed up to a plodding run on the Treadmill. I'm scared I'll fall off it or something. Trip over my own feet and go flying off the end of the thing, to end up on the floor in a moaning heap in front of all the other gym people. No. If I am going to make an ass of myself I'd rather it be in better company. MY OWN.
MY arms aren't so sore tonight. It's now my legs that hate me. After I did the "Push the car up a hill with your butt" machine.

Bill Bass Sunnies
So I finally have new glasses and sunglasses coming to me soon. I tell you, shopping for anything expensive with my hubby is so frustrating. I know he means well, and is trying to get the best price while still getting the best brand, but sometimes I want to throttle him. In the end we ended up paying more than he wanted, because he insisted I get Ralph Lauren Glasses! (BTW they are really nice. They have kind of clear arms with little "Ralph Lauren"s written on them everywhere. I admit the style and shape is nothing like I would have picked for myself(hubby picked them) but they actually look gorgeous!). I also got myself a pair of nice Bill Bass Prescription Sunglasses to. They will both be ready to pick up in about ten days. I cant wait!
Not looking forward to my fluorescein angiogram next week. They have gone and rescheduled it to. To 8:30am! Which means we have to get up at some horrid hour in the morning, to drive in there so we make it through peak hour. I was going to catch the train in but Hubby doesn't want me at the station at that hour in the morning. I'm sick of them rescheduling on me to. Last time I got all the way in there, sat in the waiting room for a half hour before they eventually came and told me that the damn camera had broken that morning. And they don't have a backup one because they are stupid. Well thanks for letting me know!! (Ok so they didn't actually say they were stupid. I put that in.)
Anyway. That was my day. How was yours? :)


  1. I once spent two hours in the gym ... it took me ages to walk from apparatus to apparatus. I reckon all in all I actually managed about twenty minutes working out.

    Nowadays, the only kilo's I lift hang over my belt buckle ('s only a little stomach).

    Congrats' on the new eye-wear! Hope your hubby paid as well as selecting.

  2. God, my optometrist did that to me twice! We get there and 'oh she's sick today - next week?' GRRR.

    And yeah, agree with your husband - train stations early in the morning *shudder*

  3. @Symdaddy I pretty much work out the whole hour. My gym usually isnt very crowded so there isnt a wait for machines. The glasses were a nessessity so the house paid for them :)

    @Ruth Yeah Ipswich Central is NOT the best of stations at any time of the day.

  4. I don't mean to sound stupid but why are you having an angiogram? Are you ok?
    I LOVE your new glasses!!
    The treadmill portion had me cracking up too!
    Hope you are ok! xoxo

  5. @Caren. You know how I'm loosing sight in my left eye? Well the blind spot is spreading and they want to do another Fluorescein Angiogram to see if they can see anything different from the last one. They still don't know why I am loosing sight. Some of the veins in the back of my eye near the optical nerve are blocked and they think that might be the reason. They need to determine whether treatment is going to work or not. Because the treatment involves taking steroids and there are side affects.
    I'm ok, thankyou so much for caring (HUG)xo


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