Jan 7, 2011

In the ZONE...

Do you know that feeling you get when you are exercising and your legs are burning, your heart is pounding so hard it’s threatening to jump out of your chest and you can feel the blood throbbing through your brain. It’s painful to draw in breath. You are so exhausted you don’t think you can do any more, but you push yourself a little further. Then a little further more. You feel like you are about to cark it and then, suddenly, you no longer feel any pain, your breathing slows, you go a little faster, your legs seem lighter, your vision clearer.  You are focused. Nothing can distract you. You’ve broken THROUGH the pain Barrier. You could go for miles… You’re in the ZONE….

Man I LOVE that feeling.


  1. Wooooooooo hooooooooo!!!! You goooooooo girl! you are motivating me to get moving (well, not quite YET! lol)

    When I was young I used to be on a swim team and we used to have to swim about 3 miles in workouts. During part of the swim I used to feel as if I couldn't swim another inch let alone miles...then....suddenly I would get my second wind! Loved it and I know what you mean!

  2. Back in my Army days I would at times have to run with full kit and rifle in boots. Then you certainly feel the burn ... bumped into the pain barrier a few times too.

    And, dear lady, you are right! At times you crash right through it and you feel like you can go on forever.

    Mostly though I just bumped off it and suffered for a lot of miles.

  3. That is a pretty sweet feeling. And Cark is a pretty sweet word. If you could give a definition, I'd like to try and start using it.

  4. Lovely observation. I followed you through the barrier and came to the side of elation. Well done.

  5. I'm now thinking I should go to the gym. There isn't one within walking distance so I'll have to get my license...which means another 65 hours of driving, damm logbook!

  6. @Caren I know what you mean. I was a distance swimmer to!

    @Symdaddy Suffering makes us stronger..lol.. or something like that :)

    @Paul Cark definition on your latest blog :) Use it to your hearts content.

    @Shopgirl, thankyou very much!

    @Ruth Oh that sucks. I got my licence before you had to do lessons and stuff :)

  7. ahhh update - on a whim the parents bought an exercise bike - I can make use of this....

  8. It's the best when you hit the wall and break through it, isn't it?

  9. this happens? i've apparently never pushed that far. boo me.

  10. @ Ruth.lol! I call my mum and dad "the parents" to! We have an exercise bike. It currently resides in the garage :)

    @A&G It certainly is. Second best feeling ever ;)

    @SherilinR lol.. try it! It's addictive :)


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