Jan 20, 2011

Buzzing? What Buzzing..?

So along with the many pills my Husband has to take every day, He also has to get a shot every three months. The shot is full of testosterone to replace any lost by my husband’s previous childhood leukemia treatments (which in turn gave him the heart disease). It’s a bit of a pain. In the fact that it hurts him, and also we have to travel quite a way to his doctor.
But the next day….
Hubby is CHOCK FULL of manly testosterone, and has only ONE thing on his mind…
Happy times for me!! ;)
Unless of course it’s MY time of the month and then it’s NOT happy time for either of us.
Funny story:
The other day when we thought our 10 year old was occupied with his new ipod we decided to get frisky. Suddenly we heard from the other side of the door..
“Whats that buzzing?”  We froze…..
Hubby, “Um… it’s the shaver…”
“YES! Now go away!”
Nearly ruined the mood. I said nearly…

The shaver excuse was later re-inforced when son walked into our room to see THIS lying on the bed. Its my personal lady shaver. Not that he knows WHAT bits it actually shaves. Dodged a bullet there!


  1. hahaha! you frisky folks getting busy during the day!

  2. You just know that someday when he's an adult, he's going to a have an ah-ha moment about this whole thing. And then completely freak out.

  3. Nice travel mug.

  4. @Sherilin As good a time as any :)

    @dbs Hubby is dreading the day when he realises what we do behind bedroom doors. He thinks our son is gonna hate him..LOL!

    @Ruth Glad you got a laugh out of it! :)

    @A&G Aha!

  5. I'll bet he didn't believe a word of it and has already told all his friends what you were doing.

    You naughty people!

  6. @Symdaddy well he is only ten and a bit young for his age, due to his Aspergers, so I think we are safe. Plus he is home-schooled, so its not like he will be telling the tale at school surrounded by a group of shocked friends..LOL!

  7. i just read that your son is homeschooled & has aspergers. my daughter is 8, is an aspie & is homeschooled too. what a coincidence. you're the second blogging mom w/ a kid who fits that description this week. oh the challenges we face!

  8. Wow that is a coincidence. I know exactly what you mean. How is she doing with home schooling? We started our son in the last months of school last year (He starts year 5 on Monday) and so far he is doing brilliant.


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