Jan 26, 2011

Sookie-lala and Doctor McStickems'.

Happy Australia Day!
Mine started out ok.  It was a typical sweltering Oz Day at 36 degrees (96.8 F).  We went and had lunch at our favourite all-you-can-eat place just around the corner from us. Stuffed ourselves silly at just $30 for the three of us!
Came home full and content until half hour later and BAM! It hit me. No not over-eaters remorse.
My. Damned. Period.
This is how I spent the next six hours. Curled up in the foetal position on the bed in agony.  I’m not going to rant on about this because this is never a good time for me, I’m still in quite a bit of pain, as the meds are wearing off and I don’t want to come off as a whiner.  And I have the extra joy of it happening every month, so what’s the point.
Tomorrow I go to hospital for another fluorescein angiogram. I’m not looking forward to it. For one thing I will make sure they don’t let a trainee doctor put the cannula in. Last time I had this young guy butcher my hand. Sticking the needle into my hand and pushing it back and forth trying to find the vein. I should have told him to stop, but I was afraid they would pull it out and try again and the thought of that I could not bear, so I sat there while this idiot poked and prodded into the flesh of my hand looking for this damn vein. Meanwhile there is blood streaming down my hand coating my rings and dripping all over the protective sheet they put down on my lap. Another trainee doc is standing next to him saying “you’ve got it” I am sweating, nearly screaming in agony, while fighting the urge to punch him, throw up, then faint. In that order.
Finally he gets it and tapes it all down. THEN BEATS A HASTY RETREAT. The female trainee doc washes the blood off my hand, I think she felt bad for me. I am sitting there traumatized and hurting. Feeling so dizzy. The nurse comes back not knowing what went on, puts in the pupil dilating drops that make me look like ET, and takes me back out to the waiting room. There are a few people who are having the same procedure before me. They obviously didn’t get stuck by Doctor Mc Stickems’. So I have time to sit there and pull myself together. Then it’s my turn to go in.
A fluorescein angiogram involves you sitting there while they take a number of photos inside your eye.(with a camera that costs an insane amount of money, that keeps breaking) Then they inject the Fluorescein (Which apparently costs an insane amount of money) into the blood stream. They then have only a few short minutes to get some more photos before the Fluorescein runs through your system. It’s like a florescent dye that helps them see the blood vessels at the back of your eye.
Pretty much after that I have to go pee. FLORESCENT INSANELY EXPENSIVE YELLOW PEE!! It’s pretty funny.
Anyway, I had to wait after the procedure because there are a few side effects they have to watch for with the Fluorescein. Mainly instant DEATH. Which is comforting.  The nurse came in and she looked at my hand.
“What happened!”
Me “That trainee doctor butchered me” *sad face*
She slowly took out the cannula and it hurt so bad. She put a cold pack on my hand. It was purple and had a huge lump on it. Afterwards, I am sitting outside the hospital, waiting for hubby to pick me up, I’m hurting, blind from humongous pupils in sunlight, and then a man suddenly collapses on the ground and starts having a seizure or something. Medical people come from all directions to help. Hubby arrives and I jump in the car and burst into tears. I know, I’m a sookie-lala, but it was a horrid day.
So needless to say I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. I hope tomorrow is better and that you have AN EXPERIENCED DOCTOR... I mean, they have to learn but really... At least your Australia Day started well, and I wouldn't be Aussie if I didn't say it, so Happy Australia Day!

  2. Ugh. I'm so sorry. I know that people have to learn to find veins or whatever, but it sure isn't fun when they're learning on you, I'm sorry. Also, I can't read your blog title without doing so in a baby talk voice. Why is that?

  3. Oh no you poor thing, hang in there! Happy Australia day to you, you are my only friend from Australia and that is pretty cool!

  4. (Wearing embarrassed 'man face')

    Um, sorry to read 'bout your pain and bead experience.

    Know all 'bout "the monkey's nose bleeding' problems from 'my good woman' and I've had first hand experience of 'amateur butcher' trainees.

  5. I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. :-( I know what those kind of days feel like...except for the guy falling out and having a seizure in front of you!! WOW! On a good note: Tomorrow HAS to be better. It couldn't get much worse than today was!!...*Looking left and right*...Right?!...Don't answer that! ^_^

  6. what a stupid ass day you've had! if it's any consulation (and probably it's not) i bet dr mcstickerson felt really sweaty and awful when he was done with you too. i'm glad he didn't throw up on you after digging around in your hand.

  7. you poor baby!!! I pray that all goes well for you...you are not a whining baby....I feel soooooooooo bad ((((((hugs)))))))))) Praying all goes well!

  8. @Ruth hmm.. experienced, but not much better. Hope you had a good Oz day :)

    @Pual I know they have to learn but NOT on me! Sounds like a title for a kids book hey? "Sookie-lala and Doctor McStickems.", or a B-Grade Porn movie :/

    @JD that is pretty cool. I havent found many Aussies on here. Maybe if I looked harder..LOL!

    @Symdaddy...lol! thats ok :)

    @Poetess It was better...somewhat.

    @Sherilin I bet he was really nervous the next one he had to do. Poor thing..LOL!

    @ I know! WAAAAA!!! (((HUGS))) back.

  9. Sprite, sorry you had to go through such a painful experience. Hope this one went better and that you wore sunglasses.

  10. @A&G aww, thanks. It wasnt too bad this time. Yeah I wear sunnies all the time.

  11. I meant:
    @CAREN I know! WAAAAA!!! (((HUGS))) back.

  12. "A B grade porn movie." I honestly laughed out loud.

  13. @Paul.. I wonder if I'll get more google hits from that title?

  14. Haha, you probably will. I'm always amazed at the google hits that I get. I don't get many, but my biggest one is "People exhaust me." What kind of culture does out world have when this phrase is what's looked for the most?


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