Jan 1, 2011


I’ve never written a New Years blog before. New Year never really meant all that much to me. I mean, why should the changing of a date make your run of luck any better? But then when I think back over the year that has just ended, I’m kind of glad it’s over. Maybe 2011 CAN be the start of better things to come?
So what to blog about? I don’t make resolutions. Even though resolution in itself sounds so final, it is not, in fact, set in stone. I'm a list maker. I LOVE lists. Which I find is way more rewarding to tick off something I've wanted to achieve. I don’t really make plans that far ahead either. So far my plans for this year are few.
January I have another Florescene Angiogram (not fun)
February we are going on our holiday to the coast (beach here I come!)
March is my birthday (a day I’d rather just forget lol!)
And that’s about it so far. Nothing in the way of spectacular.  Some of the things I’d like to achieve this year would be:
*finding out once and for all WHY I am going blind in my left eye
*going back to the gym and losing weight and becoming HOT
*continuing my sons successful home schooling.
*Harvesting our pumpkins
*Getting our bus finished and on the road
*getting new glasses and sunglasses (this is epic in itself, they are so expensive!)
*I should probably get a job again or open our little market stall
*getting rid of a lot of crap we have around the house we don’t need/use anymore
*Oh and Hubby NOT dying this year would be good as well.
I would also like to do more Photography, more art, catch up on my scrapbooking, read the books I want to read (btw Caren, I have “Who moved my mouse” on order! YAY!!), see my parents more, see my little sister more, keep growing my hair really long, grow my little fingernail back, watch some great movies, bake yummy food, eat yummy food, go OUT more, and have a good time while doing it all.
Anyway, here are some random pics I took on my mobile phone over 2010. The smallest things amuse me :)
A Kitty in a ball

A lizard on the windscreen of my car. V's Mothership?

My Fraggle Gobo
The Annual General Crane Meeting

This is the baby tiger I got to pat.  No that's not me in the pic. I'm not an Asian Gentleman :)

This is our river about a week ago. It was still a couple of hours off peeking. The line of yellow is the actual tree line. Also, these trees are REALLY tall! The river is down in a deep gully, but is now level with the road.
Again the yellow line is the tree line. There is a road leading down to the river where you can put canoes and stuff in. That colourful ball thingy went under when the river peeked.


  1. Ahhh! Flying lizard!!! Lists are calming somehow - if I have a lot of assignments/random things due at uni I make a list of what I need to do and tick them off. Hear's to 2011 being what you hope for and more!

  2. @ Ruth Yes! Another List person!! I hope 2011 is better for everyone!

  3. love that kitty in a ball. i take so many pictures of my cats, sometimes i wonder if i'm becoming one of those weird old cat ladies when i'm not even out of my 30's yet.
    p.s. i sure hope you'll get some answers about your eye & have a long, pleasant year with your hubby this year.

  4. @SherilinR Hi! And welcome to my page! Oh I know what you mean. I have so many photos of my cat Moby. See my blog "Despite this my Cat still loves Me".. (Hehe)
    I love the crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons.
    Thankyou for your best wishes about my eye. I hope so to. I would hate it to be a mystery and just have the sight just go. We are keeping fingers crossed Hubby stays healthy this year.

  5. Love your photos. Love your list too. I'm hoping the best for you and your family this year.

  6. @dbs And the same goes for you and your family my friend:)

  7. I soooo enjoyed this post! all of the things that you want to accomplish not only have me TIRED!! (you are going to do soooo much) but you made me feel incredibly lazy and guilty!! lol

    I can't even list mine or I will give up completely!

    So glad you ordered the book! YAY!! Let me know how you liked it!

    You were such a wonderful addition to my 2010....I look forward to many more years of a wonderful friendship!


  8. :) V's mother ship and annual crane meeting
    I do hope that you will devote more time to photography. You have a talent for it.

    I'm sorry you are going through so much. I admire your strength. So I'm making a small and possibly insignificant contribution to a happy new year.

    In case you haven't already: MOBY MEET MARU

    YouTube: "Maru the cat" scroll down and watch the one with 9 million hits first. The other videos with million hits will make you smile too. Enjoy!

  9. @Caren hey I'm going to spread them out over a year..LOL!
    Thankyou for being a great friend on here. I think you were one of the first blogs I came upon :)
    I can't wait to get my book. Hopefully it won't take too long!

  10. @A&G OMG that cat is adorable! I watched all the videos. I'm going to show them to my son to. :)Thankyou for pointing them out.
    Oh there will be plenty of Photos coming that's for sure!

  11. Dear Sprite,
    You watched ALL of them? I'm impressed. Yes, everyone loves Maru :) And I respect his guardian, who provides him with so much stimulating play time.
    Here's another video you'll enjoy: "Polar Bears playing with Spy Video Cameras".

  12. I never make resolutions... I figure, if i can't stick to them any other time of the year, what makes January 1 any different, right? or that just my crazy opinion!

    Sorry to hear about your eye, I hope you don't lose your sight in it! Your photographs are awesome I must say... I love taking photos, I kind of stepped back from taking any for the last several months because I was afraid my computer was going to crash from the overload.

    Any whoo.... I love your blog and I will be back! Sounds like a threat huh?


  13. @A&G I'm a sucker for cute kitty videos :) I'll take a look at the polar bears....

  14. @Average Girl If you did it in an Arnie voice It'd be cool. LOL!
    I think I'll be buying myself an external hard drive to store my photos on :)
    You are quite welcome here any time

  15. Gobo!!!! Awesome!!! Oh, and the rest of your stuff sounds pretty good... except for the stuff that doesn't. I hope your lists are better this year than last. :)

  16. @Paul I know right! When I told my sister I had just bought Gobo she begged me to go back and find her Wembly. Luckily there was one left :)


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