Jan 2, 2011


This is my first Youtube video upload. It's only about 40 seconds but it took 65 minutes to upload! As you may have guessed it's of my cat Moby (of course). It's the first video I've made on my camera and it's a little blurry in one bit, but then I'm just practising. Here is my Moby...

BTW, he is a RAT to take photos/videos of. I barely got this one shot before he came to give me a big smooch at the end. LOL!


  1. Typical cat. The ears are saying, "Yup, admire me."

  2. He's gorgeous! I should persist in uploading a video of Yoda or my kittens, I get too impatient with how long it takes to upload!

  3. @dbs lol.. He is a VERY patient cat.

    @Ruth I get impatient to, but I really wanted this to upload, so I walked away from the computer so I wouldn't be tempted to stop it :)

  4. you did an amazing job!!!! He is sooooo handsome! I could never do a video as well as you did!

  5. i have a youtube account mostly for the purpose of putting up videos of my cat. actually, i even got one of my cats giving birth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbPZzl1sXkg
    what amazes me is that people actually watch them!
    you've got a pretty kitty there!

  6. @Caren Thankyou! He IS a handsome boy isn't he!

    @SherilinR This is the first video Ive actually uploaded :) I plan to do more, most of mine will be of Moby. I don't care if people watch mine on Youtube or not, as long as they arent nasty then, whatever.... LOL! I'll check your link out.

  7. Blink. Hi Moby. :)


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