Jan 16, 2011

It's "Open up a Can of Whoop-ass" time!

Once again my Husbands little sister is pissing me off. She is such a self-centered brat! The other day she totally went off her nut at my husband over the phone because she thought we should have not gotten the government grant they offered everyone who were affected by the floods. I don't know how she can be so heartless. For one thing we are so desperate for money she should have seen this as a much needed welcome relief for us. But no she goes on about us not deserving it and we should of had insurance. Well hello we would have it if we could afford it. She dosen't seem to understand that just because they have loads of money and blow it on heaps of shit that we are able to do the same. We are two people on a pension and they both have full time, well paying jobs. My husband has a terminal heart disease for fricken sake! They are in a rental at the moment and are now whinging because they need to sell their house or they will be in trouble. These are the same people who bought the kids a ridiculous amount of christmas presents, along with xbox's and stuff. We don't understand where they get all this money from, and then whinge that they are broke. GGRR!
So my Husband actually defended us, and I could hear her high pitched screaming through the phone. And get this, instead of admitting she is wrong she says "You are always being so mean to me!" and hangs up on him! My poor husband then had chest pains again from the stress as he sat there and worried about it.
God I hate drama Queens! I hate people who think they are always right and wont even say they are sorry when they are wrong.
Today we went to their house for their 8 year olds birthday. Her hubby was a little short with my hubby. Meaning she had a good whinge to him about how horrible my hubby was being to her. Man I want to slap her.
Thing is, is that she NEVER does this in front of me. It's always when I'm not around or when they are on the phone. I bet she knows that if she DID it in front of me then it would be ON like Donkey Kong!


  1. My sympathies!

    Can't be easy having in-laws like that. I am lucky as my family are just as badly off as we are.

  2. i'm glad for you guys that you got the grant you needed. some people thrive on drama & toss it around freely even to those who don't want any part of it.

  3. WOW!! Talk about being "self-involved", huh?! Tell your hubby, and yourself, not to let what other people think mean so much to you. YOU know your situation. It doesn't matter if she does...unless she's the one sending you the grant!....And she isn't. So there!! ^_^ And...Uh....On like Donkey Kong, huh?! I'm REALLY getting to know you now!! ^_^

  4. With all the devastation happening around you, all that nonsense seems doubly inappropriate. SherilinR said it best.

  5. @Symdaddy They just don't understand and seem to throw their money around. My hubby said she never used to be like that. We think it's gone to her head.

    @Sherilin I know. It was MY little sister that sugested we apply for it and when I told her we did it she was happy for us.

    @Poetess I said to him last night that we will have to expect this kind of reaction from her whatever we do and to not let it get to us. It's her problem not ours. lol@ donkey Kong.

    @dbs I know right. Just thoughtless.

  6. I"m not a violent person. I want to slap her.

  7. The can of "whoop ass" was hilarious!
    if I were you I probably wouldn't have even gone to the birthday party so you are better than I am!
    Doesn't she know not to cause any crap with your husband not being well?
    Talk about insensitive!

  8. @Ruth I know, I'm not either and I hate confrontation, but still....

    @Caren We werent going to make the little girl suffer because her mum is a twit. Insensitive is only one word I'd use to describe her.

  9. Your in-law is slowly turning herself into an out-law. This is ridiculous. I don't understand why she's dragging you into her issues.

    Not sure if this helps at all, but it would appear that the floods caused by El Nina have peaked, the weather will still be a little off because we are in a very active sun cycle. Things are going to get better Sprite and I'm glad you got the grant. BREATHE :)

  10. Your sister in law sounds like mine, exept mine is going through college, so she's really poor at the moment. There have been many a moment that I've bit my tongue and walked downstairs to keep from telling her what I really think. I only do this because I know my wife doesn't want me to. I feel for ya. Give your hubby a hug and a thank you for standing up for you two.

  11. @A&G she does it because she is one of those people who thinks the whole world is against her and she is a big matre' and she thrives on the drama and my poor hubby is an easy target. Well I'm not going to put up with it any more!

    @Paul, I know what you mean. I have to hold my tongue alot. But most of the time she does it when I'm not around. If I was the type that likes confrontation I would ring her back straight away and yell at her. But I know hubby wouldnt like me to do that. One day I will crack though.

  12. Just ran across your site while searching if whoop-ass is considered foul? Yes I posted that on a forum and the resident church lady let me have both barrels, Of course seeing it here brought a smile to my face, I can only offer you my prayers for you and your husband, your faith will not waver, and considering those brats.... just tell them over and over Oh My Gosh! Oh my gosh!you poor little girl! a little sarcasm wont hurt them, my best to you and your hubby. he is blessed to have you stick by him so

  13. @O. LOL! Thankyou for your comment (which made me smile in return)


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