Jan 21, 2011

New year, new look

So while my PC was having down time, when we had to replace the powerboards that got wet, and when hubby decided he wanted to rearrange the entire downstairs, I was using my laptop. Which is just a eeepc netbook with an adorable 7" wide screen. I was looking at my page thinking it didn't look very exciting on the smaller screen. To be honest it looked downright drab and depressing. (It looks totally fab on my 21" widescreen LCD monitor). I decided that I needed to re-decorate. So I spent last night redoing the page header, using a different program than the one I used to create the black header. This new one is great and I can do everything on it without having to save different bits and opening it up in a new program. It's called PhotoImpact, and I like it. It's very similar to ImageBlender for those familiar with it. So I thought that I needed to be a bit more colourful. I made the header in blue and also did a cute little cloudy sky for the background page. I hope you like it. If there is anything on here you think I need to change, like the colour of the font then please let me know!
While all this rain and flooding was happening I wasn't able to tell you that we have picked our first pumpkin!  It's quite a big one to. We haven't tried it yet, so I have no idea what it will taste like. And some more exciting news is that our six corn plants are now growing corn stalks on them. A total of nine to be exact. They seemed to have thrived on all this wet weather.


  1. I know this isn't what this is supposed to be showing, but it looks like your Coke is pouring right side up... crazy. :) I do like the new look by the by. Very friendly looking.

  2. i like the new colors & header. i prefer to read dark on light rather than color on black. the other sometimes makes my eyes go boogie boogie.
    and i like that you kept your tiny thumb baby. that's actually what made me check you out in the first place. i saw you commenting on a couple different blogs & i was attracted to your picture.

  3. I like the cheerful re-design. Much easier to read.

  4. @Paul I just noticed it and yeah it does. It's actually a broom handle in the background :) Thankyou!

    @dbs thankyou!

    @Sherilin I know what you mean, sometimes it WAS a bit woogily..:) I like my little thumb baby sprite to, she had to stay :)

    @A&G Thankyou! I think so to.

  5. I'm liking this, it's bright and cheery :) It took me ages to choose a design for my blog. It's too hard!! Haha

  6. @Ruth Thanks! I was over the emo-blackness.. LOL!

  7. Nice new look!

    Not a pumpkin fan but if you have a few custard-apples you want to send my way ...

  8. I love the new 'digs'! Very inviting...Nice little pumpkin too. I think he looks better than he would taste...but that's just me. :-)

  9. @Symdaddy Thankyou! Pumpkins grew on me, I never liked them as a child. As for custard apples, BLEH!

    @Poetess Thanks! Oh he came from a vine grown from the seeds of the nicest pumpkin we'd ever tasted. Hope its just as good!


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