May 14, 2012

Not your typical mother..

Well my boys know me well. The other day they went off shopping for my Mothers Day present and when I caught up with them later they both seemed very pleased with themselves. 
"It's something you really need" they said.. Slippers? I had no idea.
Anyway, Sunday morning my son comes out holding something I never expected, but totally love! And it's not your typical Mothers Day present, but then I am not a typical mummy..:)....
It's a TOOL BOX!

How cool is it? It's to put all my new leather work tools in it. Not only did I get this box but they also found some little storage containers for the little bits and pieces to go in.. 
That actually fit into the tool box PERFECTLY.. like they were made for it.
As well as all my leather working tools...

Also in the box were my very best favourite chocolates of all time...
white gooey coconutty almondy goodness right there.. oh Yeah.
I also got a giant box of Cadbury Favourites from a friend...mmmm...
Finally, my son loves to hand make my cards, so this is what he came up with this year.. his first attempt at a pop up card.. it is so darned cute...

I hope all Mummy's had a great mothers Day, especially to the "Super" mummy's out there who care for special needs kids. WE ROCK!


  1. Perfect gifts! Lucky you!
    One year I got a can of house paint for mother's day and a brush for my birthday in June!

  2. Toolbox=great
    Leathertools= awesome
    Son's pop up=impressed
    The "boys" knowing what to get the spriteous= priceless!

    Happy Mother's day. Your family rocks.

  3. @Carole.. lol!
    @Ant I know right! thank you :) (I got hubby the same tool box for his soldering tools last year, so I will have to decorate mine to distinguish between the

  4. Awwww, how sweet! :-)

  5. @CATCC I know.. I love my boys :)

  6. Such thoughtful gifts. You must be one heck of a mother. Happy Mothers Day.

  7. Wow, I like that toolbox! Sounds like they know you all too well. :)

    Oh, and . . . HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

  8. This is awesome. I never made anything that cool for my mom.

  9. lovely presents, Sprite! There is something very, very appealing about a tool box. I'm not sure what--the promise of organization?? Love the pop up card. How sweet is that!?!

  10. nicely done, dad and boy!
    i love that i have my own tool box, too.

  11. You do rock. My son made a toolbox in Industrial Arts this year. It's a great gift.

  12. @David, yes they do :) and thanks!
    @Paul..oh I'm sure you gave your mum some neat things :)
    @Karen I agree. I know, it's so cute :)
    @Sherilin :) I do to. I have two actually, one in the garage with my power tools in it I had when I was single, and now this one :)
    @dbs aww thanks. Oh that sounds cool. you should post a pic of it :)

  13. Those are great gifts. I'm sure they're all well deserved.

  14. Eclectic gifts. I have toolbox envy.

  15. It IS a fabulous tool box isn't it Laoch. :)


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