May 8, 2012

Meet Anna..

Native bee hive. 

Recently we acquired a new member to our family. Her name is Anna. 
We bought her off a family who didn't want her any more. 

She is an old girl, who has had her share of knocks in her lifetime. But in saying that she is neat and clean and just perfect for our family. 

We took her for a drive the other day and she didn't mind one little bit, happily riding along with us. She is a little cutie and we are all quite smitten with her. 

We are all looking forward to having many happy times with her in years to come.

I know you are all dying to see Anna now, so here she is...

Meet Anna CABANA! 

This is Anna Cabana. (Cabana is the brand of caravan.

Anna all opened out. The white pods on either end are the beds. She has a full annex as well but we didn't put it up at the time I took these photos.
She is parked on my father-in-law block of land at the moment. While we were there I took some photos of his little native bee hive. (He is a bee keeper) These native bees don't sting and they are tiny black things, and so adorable. They were all very busy when I was trying to photograph them. Probably enjoying the nice warm sunny day, and all the clover flowers growing around their hive.

I have also sorted out my medical worries. So I have allergic sinusitis, Vitamin B12 deficiency and a slight liver problem. A couple of these are permanent, but all are treatable. 
So all is good and right in Sprites world again.


  1. First, I'm so glad you finally figured out the health problems. Now you know what to do for them...Next, how cute Anna is! She'll be a great addition to your family. ^_^

  2. Sorry to hear about the health issues, but very glad they're treatable. You gotta keep up the good fight! :)

    Oh, and here I thought you were talking about a puppy! Still, she is a cutie, that Anna Cabana. LOL! Love the name! What do you plan to use her for the most?

  3. glad everything's treatable. i'm glad you figured out what was ailing you too.
    your little anna looks like she'll give you years of little adventures. when do you take her for your maiden voyage?

  4. Anna cabana is adorable. I know you'll have wonderful experiences with her which I hope you'll share with us.

  5. Anna Cabana is the cutest little addition to you family! Can you seen my green with envy fingers typing this comment?
    So glad to hear everything is looking up and you're treatable!

  6. I love it. And am glad things are looking up in your end of the world. :)

  7. @poetess Thank you! She sure will be.
    @David thanks! We will be hopefully doing lots of little trips in her.
    @Sherilin Thank you. We have a big trip planed in November, but may take her on some smaller ones before that.
    @Stephen Thanks!
    @Carole I know right? :) thank you.
    @Lizbeth Thank you so much :)

  8. Sprite, I'm glad to hear that you've gotten answers to your health issues and that they are treatable. Anna is a cutie and so are the bees!

  9. You managed to make a caravan sound huggable.:)

    Congrats! Glad you had the health issues sorted out.

  10. @Meg Thanks :) I know aren't they!
    @Ant If she was fluffy I would hug
    I know.. too long this has gone on..

  11. sorry to hear about your health problems Sprite. I know that the B12 thing is permanent, isn't it. So, what you need to do is hop in that incredibly fun camper and get the hell gone!

  12. @Karen unfortunately yes, and those intramuscular injections are a SOAB!
    You may be on to something there... lol!


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