Feb 16, 2012

What do I get the love of my life for Valentines Day?

I wake up on Valentines day to a basket full of some of my favourite things...

Firstly I do my squinty-eyed look at hubby.. He has blown our $5 valentine budget. Again. 
In saying that the basket is full of chocolate-choc chip cookies, pink Oreos, my favourite Raffaello chocolates, and some ferrero rocher  chocolates, and a super cute soft white teddy. 


aww... how cute is that?  My man knows me.
What do I get the love of my life for Valentines day?

........A Meat Thermometer.....

....in my defence, he LOVED it......


  1. Aaaw! That all looks super cute! And hey, if he loved it, he loved it! Nothing to worry about there!

  2. No need for defense, if it made him happy, it was the perfect gift! My husband and I don't even celebrate Valentines. Our anniversary is in a few days, so we celebrate that instead.

  3. @Ruth the teddy is so cute. exactly!
    @Meg aww that's cool.. Happy Anniversary. Ours is next month :)

  4. lol! were dirty jokes made about the meat thermometer?

  5. What, exactly, is he doing with that meat thermometer. Never mind; I don't want to know....

  6. I'm good with it all except those pink oreos - they are an act of unnatural goodness - oreos should have white filling and are prone to being double-stuffed.

  7. Yay, both of you were happy! Did you share?

  8. Sweet. Literally.:)
    You get your own choc. and he makes you barbequed meat.
    Win. Win.;)

  9. I bet he ate a few of your cookies though.

  10. @Sherilin.. actually no..weird.. ! lol!
    @Stephen He's gonna cook his woman some meat! :)
    @Laughingmom..nnooooo! I LUURVE the pink ones..
    @Carole yes I did. Only the chocolate cookies.
    @Ant.. I know right.. happy Sprite :)
    @Dbs I did share. NOT the Chocolate though...

  11. I got a card, he got a card. I think if you got him some thing he wanted and loved then there is nothing wrong with a meat thermometer. After all, we know how our Aussie blokes love to barbie

  12. @Mynx exactly! And my Man can cook!

  13. He should have used that meat thermometer on those Oreos . . . they're a little more than pink in their centers. :)

    You made out very nicely, Sprite. Happy (belated) V-day!

  14. Nice gift.

    When I read the title of your blog I thought to myself, "A kiss and a kind word is the ultimate answer."

  15. @David lol.. not my Oreos!! Thank you, same to you.
    @Laoch He got them to :)

  16. a meat thermometer! Wonderful! I haven't seen pink oreos myself, but damn, who cares what colour they are???

  17. @Karen I know right! (although...the pink ones are the best, and I am the only one in the house that likes them)


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