Jul 19, 2012

Good news...sort of.

So we had the appointment with Hubby's surgeon yesterday. He is a really hard man to read. I am one of those people who can read someone like an open book, but this man is definitely a closed book.. lol. Hubby will be getting the Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (AICD) in but not for at least a couple of months.

Which means we can now make plans for our little trip up north in Anna Cabana! YAY! First we are going to a town about 7 hours north for three nights while Hubby trains to be a table judge for the World Karate Championships in Sydney in November. He trains for two nights. The second night being a practical at a competition.
Then we are going to head a further 4 hours north to my home town to visit my little sister, and big brother. I am very excited as I haven't seen my little sister for ages, and my brother for longer. My Husband will also meet for the first time my sister-in-law and their kids (Who didn't bother coming to our wedding). I really have to watch my Hubby then, he is just as likely to come out and say..."So, you didn't make it to our wedding... What's with that?"... lol. Interesting times abound.

I rang my sister to see if we can park Anna in her yard and...needless to say she was excited..

I'm excited.

Oh...also, my Dad now has all his staples out and after a little bit of a setback, is recovering very nicely,


  1. Great news all around, Sprite! The sister-in-law situation sounds a little dicey, but at least you get to see your own sister first. And, LOL! Anna Cabana. That name never ceases to amuse me. :)

    Have a wonderful trip! And good luck to the hubs with his training. Sounds exciting!

  2. If the doctors are willing to make Hubby wait for this device, they must not think this is as severe as they might once have thought, Good news, Enjoy your vacation.

  3. Have a wonderful trip. You've definitely earned it!

  4. Yeah, have fun seeing that fam. We'll be praying for your hubby. :)

  5. Have a wonderful trip. With your Dad's recovery from surgery and your Hubby's upcoming one, what better time to touch base with family and soak up some extra love and support. Have fun enjoying your family, even the iffy ones and let Hubby say what he wants to the sis-in-law, life's too short not to say what's on your mind...plus, it might make an enjoyable post for us to read after the fact ;)

  6. Hoping that things will continue to improve for you and yours.

  7. Gosh, it sounds like good news all around! I hope that you have a blast seeing your family darlin!

  8. @David thanks. Yeah we are excited about the November trip:)
    @Stephen It's a very busy hospital, Hubby will be on a list.
    @Karen thanks, I know! lol!
    @Paul.aww... thanks.
    @Nari lol! Yeah it probably would :)
    @Laoch thanks
    @AverageGirl aww., thank you

  9. Oh my gosh, for some reason I haven't been getting your blog postings! Phew, you guys have been through a lot! I'm glad to hear that your dad is recovering from his surgeries! What a man!

    Now you can go on holidays knowing your dad is okay. Holidays, holidays, holidays! Have fun, enjoy the time away, and give Anna a hello from me.

    Take care! xo Carole


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