Jul 5, 2012


Hello my bloggie friends.
Just giving you an update on the Sprite family.

My Dad's operation was successful, and he is now home today re cooperating under the watchful eye of my Mum. He is still pretty sore, and he has a massive scar full of staples from his navel to just under his chest, but all in all it went well. He also had has Gall Bladder out as it was full of stones and his doctor said if not now then another time, so Dad agreed to get it all done at the same time. He said he never wants to go through that again, and fingers crossed that he never has to. Big sigh of relief for all of us. I know that he had a lot of people worrying and praying for him, even all the way from Canada :) (A friend had a prayer circle going for him... isn't that nice?). Anyway..the staples, I have never seen them before, they look brutal, and also wicked, so I'm going to take a pic of them...and yes I may even blog it.. hehehee. Don't worry I will give fair warning for the faint hearted.
Meanwhile, we still have no idea when Hubby's op will be. Now they actually want us to come in before pre-admissions to discuss the operation. I guess they freaked out over the number of questions we sent them in an email... well it's understandable, considering the only time we DID see the surgeon last year, he spent most of the time trying to persuade us that Hubby should NOT have the op at that time. Needless to say we didn't ask a lot of questions back then. So they wanted us to just rock up at pre-admission...with no info at all? I don't think so! All we know at this stage is that we will be seeing the surgeon some time soon. And the op is only a Day surgery. Which I thought was odd... only day surgery.. not even an over night thing...?

So we are carrying on with life as normal.. I mean what is the point of cancelling things when you have no idea? Hubby and son have a karate grading coming up and we are also planing our first trip in Anna Cabana to a town about 7 hours north of us for two nights. Hubby has to go there for a training session to be a volunteer judge at the World Karate Championships in November in Sydney. Which we are still planning on going to.
If we have to cancel we have to cancel. Simple..life has to go on.

So that's it. Not exciting news, but then it's better than the alternative. My Dads operation was a very risky one. Just the thought of something going wrong.... I don't even want to go there. 
My sons music teacher had to cancel his lesson the other day. We arrived and she had just got off the phone.. her Dad had recently had a stroke and now he was dying. It was only a matter of hours. Poor thing, she was a mess, and it hit a bit close to home for me. I felt so bad for her. And I know it sounds horrible but I also felt so lucky that my Dad was still around and I didn't have to go through the hurt she was going through. 
I know I will eventually, he is not a young man...but at least I have him for a few more years.

love Sprite xx


  1. Thanks so much for the update....PHEW! Glad to hear!

  2. One down, one more to go! I'm so relieved that everything went well with your dad. Here's to things looking up, and I hope your hubby's op goes splendidly. I'm guessing a day only op means it's not at risky as your dad's, so there's that. *crosses fingers*

    Oh, and I hope you have fun in your Anna Cabana! :)

  3. So glad your dad is doing well. I know you'll treasure him while you can. So sorry for your son's music teacher. My prayers go out to her.

  4. Glad to here the good news about your dad! Have fun in Anna Cabana and take lots of pictures. Hugs to you and your guys. xo Carole

  5. that's great to hear that all went well!

  6. Thanks everyone. I know we are all relieved.
    @David, yes it may only be a day surgery but it's still risky for Hubby with a heart condition to go under anaesthetic.


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