Sep 25, 2014

A Cause close to my heart

I don't know how many of you have heard of Endometriosis, but it is a debilitating disease that 1 in 10 women in Australia and New Zealand suffer from. There is no cure and current treatments are downing various pain meds, radical surgery or hormone treatment.  The pain meds are shocking. You have to swallow tonnes of pills just to mask most of the pain only to feel like a walking zombie. The surgery is painful and is not a guarantee of a fix as the Endo grows back. Hormone treatment is totally out of the question for those who want to have children. 

Every month you wait with nervous tension as your period due date draws closer. Then suddenly..BAM! you are curled up in bed crying with the excruciating pain. You can't go to work, you can't look after your kids, keep up the housework, catch up with friends, even your partner sleeping next to you is too painful to bear. You swallow pain meds and lay there just waiting for the pain to subside so you can catch just a little bit of sleep.  Sometimes it lasts the entire period, sometimes just the first day. Sometimes it may even stop then start up again, getting a second wind, so to speak. In any case every 28 days, once a month this disease has you by the neck. 

You are constantly on edge, you feel like a failure, you feel like no-one understands what you are going through. All this is happening while you are expected to just carry on and accept it. 

How do I know? Because I have Endometriosis. My little sister has it to. 

The two of us, along with hundreds of other very brave Australian women are campaigning to get a drug company called Bayer to import a drug that they have developed long ago to specifically treat Endometriosis. The drug is called Visanne and it has actually been approved by the Government to be used in Australia back in 2010. Bayer just don't see it as "Viable". They don't think that 1 in 10 women is enough to give us a choice on how we treat this disease. 

They give a man Viagra to cure a limp penis but help hundreds of thousands of women deal with agony every month? A disease that rules our entire lives and that of out families! Bayer doesn't think we are worth it. 

There has been a petition created to hand over to the drug company and it currently has over 73000 signatures, but we need 100000! It's not that far away and we can do it if we keep trying and keep up the fight. Please help me in signing this petition. Your contribution will help thousands of women like my sister and I take our lives back into our own hands and not live like animals. 


Thank you 

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